i not come geek my comp have problem


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Jul 27, 2003
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sawadee ka

I not come geek little bit i have computor no have power and i internet cafe now but no good for me .

I think i look geek too much and computor no have power .

When i have good i come back ka .

Maybe i come internet look short time .

Kop khun ka mui
Hope you can get if fixed soon!! Good Luck
sawadee ka

I hope you're back on the board soon, Mui!

I LOVE your posts!

Kop khun ka Karen

i know what you mean mui my computer sometimes plays up and i think its protesting at looking at the geek site to much :D
hope you get it fixed soon nickki jonesx :D
hiya mui

yes i know how you feel
i had a crossed line at home for 2 days and my dial tone went all strange
and because of this i couldnt get online

and i was getting all stressed because i couldnt check my mail

what would we do hey without our pc's

my partner says to me that i dont seem to have mad cleaning days
like i used to a few years back
id just blizz the house from top to bottom
i said yeh but i didnt have a pc then so i had nothing better to do LOL

id be so lost without my pc

and especally without these nail techs boards there so helpful
to keep in touch

but i must say i vote the geek board number one !

yay !!!!!!!!!! ;)
When you have a 15 yr old son who thinks he's advanced on the pc - then messes everything up as often as mine does, you get kind of used to sitting in the library trying to read your geek messages. It's where I am now :rolleyes: You'd think someone would bring me a coffee over would'nt you ;)
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