I really want to sculpt.


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May 7, 2007
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Hi everyone!

Im desperately trying to learn how to sculpt nail enhancements. But sadly I cant seem to create the nail im hoping for. I am currently waiting to hear from creative about a one on one Brisa conversion course, and then hoping to do a sculpting course. And i cant wait im so excited!

The problems I have are, the forms not fitting properly, the nails appearing flat and thick and gel leaking under the form.

Im trying to keep my cool, but getting fustrated with myself, as id love to be able to offer this as an alternative to tip and overlays. Did anyone else have these problems at first? or am i just a lost cause? :cry:

I have read several threads already and the tutorials for extra knowledge.
Any extra advice would be much appreciated :)
We all have these problems in the beginning but they'll soon be sorted once you've done your sculpting course.
Lots of practice hun... thats pretty much all i can say.. once u have someone show you the basics thou - how to fit the form etc - you will get it in no time :)
Sometimes it's best to do your course and then get the practice mate, then you won't get so frustrated...when you actually see it done and have a go doing the same it can feel a lot easier. x
i still have these problems! i have a way to go before I am completely happy with my sculpts. sometimes the forms go on perfectly and then other times i just cant get the hang of it!:mad: i get quite frustrated!:lol:
As an interim measure, why not find a tech who sculpts, and book your self in for a full set, tell the tech that you are going on a course but meanwhile would love to practice and then let the tech explain what she's (or he's:lol:) doing to you.
I love the look of sculpted nails and find they are more durable, but so far I have been to much of a coward to do them on a customer.:Scared:
Where in the midlands are you? I'm in Derby and have just passed my Creative Masters where we had to sculp. I was rubbish at first but soon got the hang of it with practice.

Thanks for all the replies. I know as soon as i get the hang of it i'll be super sculpting in no time. I do love the look of them! and in some cases can look so much more natural. I may just do that susie actually. I remember there being a girl near me who trained with creative who had a good reputation for herself, she opened a salon, but havent anything of her since, may look to see if shes about and get her to do me a set. :)

Im in Hereford, Little place near south wales. well an hour away. Congrats on your creative masters shelley!

Glad im not the only one struggling. And looking forward to joining creative!
The best thing is to have someone show you on your course exactly what you need to do to get it right.

Form fitting is very important, if this is wrong it effects the whole look and strength of the sculpt.

You will get there, have patience and plenty of practice.

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