I'm SOooooo excited about finding this site!!


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to the Board Kerrie it's very informative and everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Jue ;)


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Apr 18, 2003
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Hi :D

My name is Kerrie and I live in Sydney, I trained about 10 years ago and have been doing nails on and off since then, worked in a few hairdressing salons but due to buying a house needed a regular income so i dropped doing nails, but now that my daughter is in school and a bit older i didn't want to go back to the office :( so I decided I would do nails again :D

OMG I was rusty , I done a set on myself, which wasnt too bad, but then i always do better nails on myself , dont know why :? I found a supplier and went and bought a few basic essentials and called my sister in law and my mum and done them both a set, my sister in law had to come back a few days later for some "refinining" but i didn't do to bad, my mum's nails well she just wanted overlays, and i have to say my first set on her were pretty shocking, but after a few times refining my work im alot better.

I took the plunge and put out some flyers on cars, thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law for all her help, and i got calls an hour after we returned home! , she wanted infills, i was freaking i really wasnt trained well with them, OMG they were shocking , i almost cried, i felt so horrible taking her money for them, and felt guilty for a few days after that, telling my husband i never wanted to do nails again, but with determination i came here online, i looked up every single site i could find, i found some wonderful fantasic sites!!! and i have been like a sponge for the last 2 months, scouring every site i can find, learning about doing better infills, learning Pink and Whites even!!!!! i done a set on myself and soaked my sister in laws off and done the most amazing set on her too!!!!, but its getting close to infill time, so im just soaking up every bit of advice and information i can find about them.

I'm working from home and have made myself a little salon in my front lounge room, as it can be seperated from the rest of the house excpet the bathroom, which is handy :)

I have seen so many fantastic sites, and so many talented and skillful Nail Techs , I'm only hoping one day i can be in that class , but until then im slogging it out trying my hardest to improve my work, i have noticed that my work is getting better with each set, and each time i learn something new and my time is reducing, im currently doing about 1 hour 45 mins for a full set, and about 1 hour 20 mins for an infill.

I know this being my first post and you are all probably thinking OMG who is this :shock: but i spent the best part of last night and today reading all the messages here and seen what a lovely group of people post here and felt i would love to know you all and meet other techs and hopefully ask advice from time to time :oops:

Right now im trying to build a businness from home, but i was wondering how you all did it? I did the flyers and i have also done an add in the local paper, i find that people call and make appointments, but i find i get so many no shows ! do you all have that happen? I find im friendly and informative on the phone, but i just dont understand this no show thing? is it a normal thing that is just part of the business? or is it just the area where i live? :D My husband said get there phone number and call if they dont show, i did that once, never again, i called politely and asked if mabye she had forgotten her appt? she said yeah well i had stuff to do so what?? :( I never done that again :(

OMG i have been rambling :oops:

I'm glad i found this place and hopefully look forward to meeting lots of you!!!! thats if you dont throw me off for maybe the longest first post :D

Hopefully talk to you all soon!

Kerrie :)
Hi Gloria,

It sounds to me like you're doing just fine. I wish I'd had a Nail Tech who was as generous as you, but then again I probably wouldn't be training to be one if I had!

I love Kitty's reply. If I'd forgotten my appointment and I had a polite response I'd go back to that Nail Technician.

Even if your client does try someone else first, she'll soon discover that not all Nail Technicians are willing to polish and buff for free!

Anyway, just wanted to say 'hi' as I'm fairly new here too. I'm sure you'll love it here. I've learnt SO much already.

Take care,


Hey Glors,

Don't worry about contacting her too much, shes probably really embarrassed for letting you down. Just be patient, if she doesn't call within a week, what I would do (or do, do) is send her a little 'Sorry I missed you' note or an email. Nothing too heavy, just simple saying, ''I'm sorry you missed your appointment, but you are always welcome to call me & we'll re-schedule another one. If you have any problems or questions please give me a call & I will do everything I can to help''
or something like that. Like I say, keep it simple & whatever the reason they missed the appointment, they'll usually call & say, they just forgot it.

Good luck

its not cause you work from home.some people are just like that,in the salon where i work we have no shows a couple of times a week.sometimes they have forgotten or sometimes they had no intention of coming in and couldnt be bothered to phone.it is so annoying :twisted:
Hi Gloria :)

Yes the no shows are really disheartening, alot of the times i feel i havent done a good job so they dont come back, although i always ask them to come back the first week after a full set for a free buff and polish, it lets me see how my work is going and also lets me show them how to care for them between infills if they wanted to do that.

Most show up for the free buff and polish and then dont return for their infills the flollowing week, 99% of them have no breakages and say they are happy with their nails so i really dont get it, i dont have a body odour problem lol and im always neatly dressed and friendly and my house is always spotless so im trying to think of other reasons why this happens.

I do have about 6 regular clients that turn up for their infills on time every 2 weeks on the dot , and i also got another client today from one of my infill clients, her mom, OMG talk about nine inch nails WOW her nails were that long i had to hold my finger under it to support it when i was filing lol, but she says she has no problems and loves her nails that long and manages quite well.

Yes im thinking maybe its because i work from home that they think its ok not to turn up but them im just not sure :( i reallly hope that its not me lol

Hi Kerrie, hope you're enjoying it here :) . I have something in common with you that I wish I hadnt - low confidence :( but I'm sure we'll get there. With your enthusiasm I dont see how you can fail! Yesterday I had my first 'no show' and I was really irritated by it. I only have a few word-of-mouth clients at the moment as I havent ventured 'out there' yet :rolleyes: This girl has been my most regular client up till now. When she didnt turn up I sent a text asking if she would be coming as I needed to go out(she texts for appointments). She didnt even reply - and this girl is like glued to her moblie. I'll not contact her again, will see if she gets in touch with me. I cant understand why people do this :evil: A quick polite phone call takes no time at all. I'm wondering myself how much this has to do with working from home, do they not take us as serious? or do we just take it more personnal :!: How do you other ladies who work from home deal with this?
Hi Kerrie

Of course it's OK for you to email me!! Address is [email protected] or my Yahoo ID if you have IM is michelle_dubbo

I will be in Sydney next month for the Avril Lavigne concert. Going to Melbourne in 2 weeks for the trade show down there.

You *have* to go to the International Beauty Expo at Darling Harbour! It's on August 9-10 and is soooo worth it! Website is www.internationalbeautyexpo.com.au

Anyway, chat soon :D
thanks for intorducing yourself!! It sounds like you are getting better with time but why don't you think of refining your skills and go for some more education - some advanced classes to tweek your skills :!: it would give you bags more confidence not only with nails skills but also handling your clients!! :shock: when you're not confident in yourself, you can come across as not confident to your clients and then they walk all over you!! sad but true!! Anyway, the Geek has some great tutorials on here which I am sure will help you. FYI I'm not sure where you live in Aussie but there is the Pacific Nail & Beauty Company or the Australian Nail Academy which could help you with the classes!!! 8)
Hi jue :)

Thank you for the welcome :) its nice to meet you :)

Hi mrs geek :) its nice to meet you too :)

I would love to do more education, and i have enquired at the places you have mentioned but due to lack of finances at the moment i cannot afford them :( they were quite expensive seeing as we only have my husbands income to rely on at the moment, and the little i do get from the few clients i have , but it is something i would love to do in the future. I did go to the tutuorials they were great! i learnt a few more tips, as i am doing each time i come online.

Yes i find that i do need more confidence with my clients and im learning to be better informed with each new one, if only they would show up :D

again thank you for the welcome :)

Kerrie :)
Kerrie I loved reading your first post - you are so 'on a high' about anything nail related.

It made great reading - truely loved it. When you read something like that it gives you a buzz too and starts you off wanting to get into the salon and practice.

You've probably found one of the best sites around by coming to this one - its terrific. Good luck with everything - keep us all posted.


P.S. Check out my site in the UK ...
Hi Sue :)

I love everything nails, and have sort of become obsessed in the last few months since i have picked up my brush and files again, i just cant seem to get enough.

This site is fantastic, and im so in awe of the many talented and very experienced Nail Techs here.

Im still reading all the posts and learning alot of things i didnt know!

Thanks for the welcome Sue :)

Well back to reading lol

Kerrie :)
Hi and welcome, this site is the best for info, confidence boosting, sharing trouble and joy's and the people are fantastic. if it wasn't for this site I would never have met Dawnie and Layla . Fellow nail nutters and now friends.
So enjoy
love Ruth
Howdy!! Welcome to the most fab nail board like ever! Hope you enjoy your time here, I'm sure yah will :rainbow: We nail chichas and geeks and geekettes all love it here :)

Ruthy...me..a nutter? NEVER!! :shock:

Hi Kerrie

I'm in Adelaide, nice to c a fellow Ozzi here
This board is great and you'll find loads of info and help here. As well of quite a few laughs :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

wow :)

Hi Ruth laystar, fingernail fixer and jane :)

Thank you so much for the warm welcome, its nice to meet you all :)hopefully i will get to know you all better soon :)

Im hoping to get some pics soon of some of my work and hopefully get some opinions and get them picked to pieces lol

I really want to improve and make myself a better Nail Tech :)

love kerrie :)

I just had to say welcome & tell oyu that I love your picture, its so cute! Its got kind of a Bewitched 'thang' goin on
Just wanted to say "Hi", and OMG :D how exited r u about nails :D u go girl!!!

BTW, I'm Fiona (Fi "fee" for short) I live in Scotland.

Hope u have fun on this site

C Ya around

Hi Kerrie!

Great to see someone so close! I am in Dubbo, western NSW but we have places in Sydney and are down there quite often - at Balmoral & McMahons Point.

Whereabouts are you located? I can give you some details of suppliers in Sydney if you like :D
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