In a right quandary, could you help?


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May 13, 2011
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south wales
Hi guys, I'm not a poster,more of a reader and look for inspiration or search topics,but I really need some geek advice ladies:Love:

Bit of background first,I have my own home nail salon,which I do evenings and weekends and it's been going well,all through word of mouth,I work full time during the day in an office 8am-5pm,which I was happy to continue doing until I built up a nice client base and put a few months wages behind me to then be able to run my salon full time,that is until last week,when I had to make a sexual harassment complaint against a colleague,and boy has it really thrown me for 6:sad: I haven't been able to return to my full time job as I feel like I've been let down by my bosses and other members of staff,I just feel like I can't return:sad: My quandry is,I'd love to go full time at my salon,but whats holding me back is the fact that I haven't got any savings in the bank to support me and my bills while I pick up full time work in my salon,my husband as already said that there's no way I can just leave my current full time job,he doesn't feel that he can support us fully until my salon work picked up.

I'm trying to help him see my view that being full time in the salon is going to be much better business wise than the small hours I can do now,but he's cautious about the future,understandbly,but I truly feel that I cannot return to my job:sad: So geeks any words of wisdom that you could possibly share with me? Do I tell hubs that I can't return to my job,that it feels like it will kill me to do so (dramatic I know lol) and that I need this push to get into the salon and continue with my dream? That I know it might be rough for a little while,or not maybe,who knows? I feel like I'm in a never ending circle and can't see the tree's for the woods,I want my husband to understand where I'm coming from,but at the moment he can't see it.I feel so blue geeks,so sorry for such a damn long post,words of wisdom anyone?:Love:
Hey honey I feel for u for 3 years I've been working day and night I did night shifts than ran my salon in the day I had to as was a single mum with no help my partner saw this year I was getting I'll doing over 60 hours a week and has offered for me to give up my night work which I did end of fen and has given me more energy for my salon and I have invested more into it has been a fan move (yes on another post I wanted to give up I have found out the last fee days there are some nasty people out there after ruining u ) but all said and done we tightened our belts and have gone for it best move ever a hard move just go to him with a plan the hours u can do the flyers u can deliver the extra u time for u as a couple as u can work less evenings ( a nice steak meal for 2 might help with this) wouldn't it to be nice to do this more and I needs be u could get a job a few mornings to subsidise u but it's not full time and something u hate sorry to rule only on a phone and can't see all I have written really hope this makes sense and helps lots of hugs to u x
I was in this same situation last year, nothing ad serious as you are going through but I ended up having a bit of a break down, being off sick was hard on us all & still having a family to feed spurred me in to get stick into nails,
I suppose working for myself while off sick was naughty if me but my family came first!!
First thing I did was delete & block all my work people from my business Facebook, then changed the hours my son went to the child minders ( she was amazingly supportive of me)
& because I had the time free I was able to build my client base even more!!
With regards to the work issue contact ACAS they are fantastic at helping you in situations like this, hugs to you & I hope everything works out for the best xxx
Oh big :hug::hug: for you for starters, you poor thing. What a situation.

I can completely understand you feeling you can't go back to work. Have you actually told your husband about the harrassment and how the situation makes you feel? I get the feeling it's been sort of "glossed over" . . . ? You must make him fully aware. He might need it spelling out though, men often just can't grasp how this sort of situation might make a woman feel, and they're pretty rubbish at empathising anyway most of the time imo

They say as one door shuts another one opens and this is just the opportunity for you to make a go of it. Pull all your oars in, up the marketing (do a search on here, there are some FAB ones about marketing yourself and stuff like facebook/yellow pages/thomson/other local listings websites are all free.

Good luck and try to keep your chin up xxx
Thanks girls for the support and kind words and :Love:
Blossom,yes,he knows the full extent of what has happened,I have told him everything and he is very angry right now:twisted: I have had no support what so ever from colleagues/bosses and this is what is spurning me on to get out there and go full time at my salon.I have facebook/website and am on all the listings,I'm doing well for the hours that I can put in but know that it's putting clients off being evenings and weekends only,I get so many calls from people wanting book in that day or daytime appointments and I have to turn them down,which is where I'm losing out.
I really want him to understand that this is my love,passion and what I've always wanted to do.
Do you think 2 months is too big a stretch to expect to get word out that I'd be full time and expect to get bookings? I'm now wondering if I could borrow enough money to cover me for 2 months from a family member,without expecting my hubby to have to cover us,my mind is all in a twirl,I reallly want to do this so much:rolleyes:
Big hugs

I was at a previous job (not my current office job) whereby the very nature of the role was sooo draining it wore me out so much and the negativity of the place eventually after about 3 years broke me down to the point I almost had a breakdown. I decided that I would not allow a job to make me feel that way and handed in my notice and did everything I could to find a new 9-5 job to pay the bills and knowing I didnt have a job after my notice spurred me on - and Im sure it would for you 2, its that flight or fight thing.

p.s a friend of a friend mine went off sick with depression at one of her jobs whilst she had this time she was applying for and interviewing for new roles - depending on your contact couldnt you go off sick (paid or half pay etc) and use this time to build up more clients in the day

I really hope you can get something sorted.

Aww I am so sorry to read ur having such a bad time... I know what I am going to say may be as 'simple' as it is to say, but could u poss get a smaller part time job just for the time being-best of both worlds, u'd get more salon time/and still have a set income.

I would be thinking something along the lines where u get to meet new people-potential clients, any local clothes shops? Or some nice place ladies do lunch/coffee's? Sunbed shop? Lesiure center? Get to show off ur work on urself/collegues. Just a thought. Xx
Have you handed your notice in? No then go get yourself signed off work for stress and depression use this time to promote your business! This way at least you'll get £85.85 per week.
Or use the time for finding a part time job so you can do some days in what you love!
Thanks Girls. I really do appreciate all your kind words:hug: Hubby and I have discussed in depth today the situation, and the decision has been made that I'm going to go part time in my current job,after discussing with one of the bosses they can see that things aren't going well and they don't want to lose me,so working together they have agreed to reducing my hours to mon-fri 8am-12pm, and I can now concentrate on getting clients and advertising for my afternoon appointments and saturdays, this also means that I won't have to worry about having money in the bank to support me,like I would need if I left my job. So all in all, I'm now over the moon at my new oppurtunity and can't wait to be getting going, already designed my new flyers,just need to pop into the printers and explain to him what the scribble on the page actually means lol Big:hug: to all of you,for your support and helping me to see the path I want to take,your great guys xx

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