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Jun 18, 2007
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Hi Geeks

A colleague has lost her certificate with her reg number on. She trained through CIBTAC in 1996 in a college around Birmingham

After being a flight attendent for a number of years and Beauty Therapist abroad she has come back to england and got a job

She has done the obvious, rung BABTAC, rung CIBTAC and has not got any further, they cant help her. She is awaiting a call from her tutor (shes on holiday at the mo)

I beleive CIBTACs registration body to be QCA would other geeks be able to confirm this or point her in the right direction?

Im trying to help her out as she has no internet and has been told she may lose her job

What I need to know please Is

  • QCA CIBTACs registration body
  • If not any idea who is?
  • Anyone any other suggestions on how to retrieve this information
Many thanks in advance
"CIBTAC is recognised by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) as a national awarding body in the UK."

I found this on the CIBTAC website.

Contact details for QCA

Hi Teresac

I haven't enquired internally, and I obviously don't know who your friend spoke to - but if you'd like to ask her to give me a call (0845 065 9003) or drop me an e-mail ([email protected]) I'll see if I can help.


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Thanks Phillip, I have just texted her asking her to call me regarding your message.

I also gave her the number yesterday for the awarding body and I think she was waiting to hear back.

On a lighter note, I liked reading your article on promoting your business for free in the June/July issue.

Im in the throws of opening up in November so it was really useful:)Teresa
Clad you found the article useful. If it gave food for thought then 'bon appetit'!


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