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Jul 9, 2006
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Carmarthenshire, S.W.Wales
Hey Geeks,
I am signing up to do a course on Indian Head Massage in January, as I love having it done and thought it would be great as an add on treatment.
I am a Nail Geek, but am a qualified Complimentary Therapist, but we never covered this at all.

Im basically asking, do you think this would be a worthwhile course? And if you do offer it, do you get many clients having it done?

Also I had it a few times at a hairdressers, and they charged £10, it lasted 15 minutes.............I know you charge for your area, but nobody in my area does it, Ive checked :eek:. Any ideas?

Thanks ladies ( and gents!) xxx
I cant see any harm in offering more services I think Indian head massage is used more in the hairdressing industry but maybe it could be offered as a separate service.
I've done some training it and love it as a treatment, a lot of people just *love* having their hair and scalp massaged. I have to say for me it hasn't been too popular recently, but i've had a fair few clients book it and enjoyed it.

It's a great taste treatment, also something that becomes a great business card! You out with friends meeting people they ask what do you do, for me "Oh i'm a massage therapist - shall i show you what i do?" quick two minute if that head massage and you have them!

A proper Indian Head Massage should last at least 30 minutes not 15!! (This is the way i was taught it via my VTCT Holistic Therapy Diploma) The upper arm, back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face are massaged. I charge £19 for mine and im out in the middle of nowhere! It's not one of my most popular treatments but i have had over the years a couple of clients that craved for it. Its a wonderful treatment especially if you pay alot of attention to the scalp area, people love that! I suppose taking up any new module is a risk you ask is it going to be worth it etc im going through now with wanting to do a creative manicure and pedicure course.... but i think if you have the money to do a course you cannot go wrong with accumulating more and more things under your belt!!! I know here at my local hairdressers they have a lady that does IHM she has been there about a year... HTH. The good thing about this treatment is that the person does not have to get undressed and you only need a low back chair and one towel rolled up to prop their head back on it for the facial part, so you can do alot of corporate company visits with this treatment.
I charge £15 for a 30 min treatment. I find it really popular as it is such a mobile therapy that can be done anywhere. I had a lady phone me up just last week and she's booked me to go to her work place and give all her colleagues an IHM at their desks, as it can also be done over clothes. The best advertising for this is word of mouth, I'm going to do a demonstration at my local Women's Instituite on this treatment to promote it along with nail and skincare. Hopefully that will get tongues wagging. Or try giving your regular clients a free 10 min taster so they know what to expect
As Bronzewolf says the treatment should last 30mins and cover the arms,shoulders,upper back,neck,head ears and face.The Chakras are opened on the client then closed after treatment.

I was taught to carry out the treatment with the client sitting in a chair,either dressed or not(I prefer my client to remove their top,but it's their choice really)We charge £20.00 in our salon.

It's a good treatment but I have to say not a huge money maker.I do far more body massages than Indian head massage.Good luck anyway.:green:
Thanks ladies, Im not really bothered if it will make me millions as its something Ive wanted to do for ages.
It'll be a nice treatment for me to offer, and if the clients want it then great, if they dont, then every member of my family and frinds will be nicely inflicted with IHM!! lol

Thanks again xxx
This is a gorgeous treatment and you should definately do it if you feel drawn to it!:green:,

It is something that you could offer whilst your clients nails are drying and it is so relaxing they wont feel in a hurry to go and smudge their nails and will soon be hooked, what could be more of a pampering experience than having nails done as well as a massage!

In America it is complimentary in some salons to offer a head neck and shoulder massage whilst nails are drying although for a massage this indulgent I think a charge should be made as it is also a very good skill to have.
A pillow can be laid on the table in front of them so they can drape their arms over it and just float away into bliss!:zzz::lol:
I think its defiantly worth doing, about 20% of my clients that come having it done.
definately worthwhile, I do loads of these and enjoy them as muh as my clients ! xxx
I think that it is a real worthwhile course to do! In todays stressful society I think that the massage/INM treatments will become even popular than they are at the moment. Also if you feel really drawn to it then the chances are you will become a fanastic provider of this treatment with lots of recommendations. You can never have too many treatments under your belt,so I think that you should go fo it mate xxx:hug:

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