Intimate 4 hot wax

Does anyone else use Perron Rigot Intimate 4? It’s the light blue creamy hot wax. I’m finding it just keeps snapping and tearing. I’ve tried applying it thick but it still snaps and if I turn the heat up to thin it down then it’s too hot and still snaps. I’ve tried it several times now on myself and my daughter and I can’t see me ever using it on clients. Such a waste of money. I also have 1 other creamy hot wax, the Pale pink Escential Rose and to be honest I’m reluctant to even try that one her as I’m expecting it to be snappy too. The only hot wax of Perron Rigot that seems to work is the Euroblonde which has caused me no problems. Just wondering if this is a common problem with their creamy waxes?


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Hey, yes I use this wax. I've tried lots of others but I always seem to come back to this one. I do have it a little hotter than others, and possibly apply it a smidge thicker. The only time I've had it snap is when my heating played up and the room was a bit too cold. I'm a big believer that one wax doesn't fit all though and different waxes work better for different working styles.

That’s interesting. Thank you.


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As Freelancetrainer said a lot of times it is down to getting used to the wax as you always need to adapt a bit when you are trying a new product.
Hopefully you can get it working by adjusting the temperature but if you want to try the flirties wax let me know and I can send you a sample x