Intimate strip waxing possible?


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Apr 29, 2014
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Hi, does anyone know of any strip wax only intimate courses? All the ones I look at now use hot wax. Find by me but my boss who's been strip waxing since the dinosaurs were around only uses the strip wax technique and wants me to do the same to cover if she's booked out. Thanks.
I very much doubt you'll find a course that teaches intimate waxing using strip wax. I personally think it's barbaric (probably a slight exaggeration but I'm a wuss with pain). It sounds like your boss needs to be brought into the 21st century and start using hot wax rather than putting clients through unnecessary pain! Sorry I can't be of more help x
I agree with jodalicious. You will be lucky to find someone to train you with a strip when it comes to intimate waxing.

I am trained in both and i find using a strip tends to be more painful for the client, more risk of removing the top layer of skin due to the area being so sensitive and the skin is thin and hot wax seems to remove the smaller hairs that strip wax cant remove.

Also, with the hairs growing in different directions with hot wax you are able to remove more hair in one go in comparison to using a strip.

I think it may be wise you train in hot wax and that way your boss will be able to introduce a new method and hopefully she will train in it to :)
Thanks guys. That's exactly what I was thinking but wanted to check. [emoji173]️
completely agree. I think anyone who is still looking to train in strip wax for intimate is very outdated. Hard wax all the way

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