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Sep 3, 2010
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Hi, I think you'll need to click the link first!

wax pictures from public service photos on webshots

Pic's are of my left side of my bikini wax and the other is my left underarm. Both sides are as bad as each other.

This is my second full wax at this new salon. 1st was terrific no problems and this is the results of the second time with a different girl. I've been getting waxes for years and I have had some redness but these photo's are now 54hours later. Product used was Aussie Tea Tree tubes with applicator. I'm in so much pain right now, I can't wear underwear. The Aloe Gel is going on every few hours. I'm going to be stuck on a plane was 8 hours on sunday and got I'm worried.
Ouch looks like the wax may've been too hot. Did she test the wax on herself first? how did the temp feel?
Not normal at all but it can happen, she has made a mistake and taken off some skin. It could be because she didn't use oil or talc as a barrier, the skin wasn't stretched or the wax was too hot. I would put some sudocreme on it and then if it gets worse go to the doctor. It should heal up and go back to normal though so don't panic :hug:
Thank you ladies. I feel a lot happer knowing that it is not just me who think's this isn't normal!

No oil or talc was used. Wipes at the start of the treatment and Tea tree lotion afterwards..The temperature was ok, I didn;t see her test it on herself though.

When I go for a big wax Full Leg, Bikini, Underarms, brows and Lip I always take some very strong painkillers so would I have noticed if the wax was too hot?

Anyhow my nether regions and pits are now blathered with Sudocrem! - I look devine and my husband has decided that the England Bulgaria match is more appealing than me at the moment. Boo Hoo!!:rolleyes:

Fly away for a romatic break on Sunday so I'll let you know how I get on.
Ouch, poor you. However, I think it would be good if you popped back to the salon to let them know because it is rather odd (but not unknown) and these things are always a learning experience.

From what you say it sounds like the therapist did the right "before" (wipe) and "after" (lotion) processes and if you did not feel the wax was too hot at the time it probably wasn't as these are particularly sensitive areas and I don't think the painkillers you took would have taken that much edge off the heat.

There is the chance, as previously said, that the therapist did not hold the skin tight enough. Or could it be that you have had some severe reaction to a product which we can have to even the nicest, most wonderful of products. So I wouldn't accuse the therapist of doing something wrong but they ought to see the reaction you have had in case there was something they have done wrong which they can fix in the future or something else that needs noting in case others are also experiencing this. Take your photos in if is has hopefully reduced in redness.

Still, you have my sympathy because that looks angry and hurting.

I hope your romantic getaway works out ;-) :hug:

Caroline x
Looking again at where it is in your armpit makes me think it probably was a question of not stretching the skin as it is around the crease where skin would need to be held taught. Caroline is right you should show the therapist so she can learn from her mistake and also so they can have a chance to put it right if they accept responsibility.
Its happened to me before, on the backs of my legs behind my knee's when being guinea pig for someone training. I used sudo cream and left alone as much as possible and it went after about a week.
I think its more common on sensitive areas as the skin is more delicate so too hot, not pulled enough etc can have this affect.
I think if you go back it will help the therapist be more aware in future.
Hope it clears up quickly!
Anyhow my nether regions and pits are now blathered with Sudocrem!

Just a little tip:

Sudocrem is an excellent healing cream to put on your waxing grazes but only if its applied very thinly; Sudocrem can burn the skin further if applied too thickly. :cry:
It's hard to see from a picture but it just looks like erythema and not that the skin has been removed. You do need to go back and show them though. If the wax was too hot it should be widespread erythema, how many times did she wax over the area do you know?

Try not use perfumed products on the area or anything that would be an irritant to it, you could try emoliants to soothe it or maybe even a second skin?

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