Is your log cabin plumbed? Does it have a loo?


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Zo Zo

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Apr 16, 2007
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Earley, Berkshire
OK, I've not put this in chit chat because it is a genuine work-related question, to those of you working from log cabins:-

Is your log cabin simply a room, or is it properly equipped as a salon, ie with running water and facilities??

Just wondering how far to go with this.
This is something I have been looking into. I would need running water as I do hairdressing, but as far as the loo in concerned, I was looking at a log-cabin/garden room from Wickes and it had a side room with a separate door which I thought would make a little loo and maybe use a portable loo like you get for camping as you can get some really good ones now. Just a thought but what do others think? Can any one see problems with this.
Maybe we should ask a plumber about the complexities.

My feeling is that if you have running water then it may not be that difficult to have a proper loo.

I have a camping loo for camping and it's not really very nice... also you need to empty it and when you're on a campsite there are special facilities for the chemicals; not sure how that would work at home.

Anyway... off to look at Wickes;)

Thank you!
Hi I work from my log cabin after closing my salon the overheads are virtually nil now :) I have three rooms in my cabin all double glazed insulated and plastered and the electrician took a feed from my electricity supply with armoured cabling to provide electricity. It's all done professionally and to regulation standards. One room is my treatment room the other has my st tropez machine in and nail bar and I have a small reception area with a TV till card machine etc. it has been so much better that I expected and the clients love it but to have a plumbed loo and water supply I would have needed planning permission which I didn't have time to do.
I have alcohol gel wall dispensers in every room and get water from my house.
I also have a downstairs loo in my house which my clients use but this isn't really ideal as I also breed dogs and want my home and professional life separate!
Soci have just had delivered another small cabin which will be my loo all colour co-ordinated with the main cabin using as another geek said chemical loo. It's getting plastered next week. I looked into portaloo etc but I'm too far from the road for cleaning and maintenance (6 metres maximum from kerb) the companies told me so my option was the thetford loo, I'll upload pictures in a mo going with iPad to take some pics so you get the idea. Xx
As i client if i went to have a treatment in a log cabin i would expect it to have a toilet! i wouldn't be to in pressed with a camping toilet! (and can you imaging the smell! eww)

Log cabins are a nice idea as you just have to buy it then after that you dont have to pay any rent! so maybe having pluming and a toilet may seem like an extra chunk of money in the long run you'll be saving a fortune in rent!!
Apologies not tidied up from this afternoon yet!


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Ps mine has cost £11,000 all in to date still cheaper than a years rent!!!!
Love it Chrysalis, thank you for sharing
Love your cabin, it looks great! :)
Wow, I love the pics of your cabin salon... what a fab idea :) xx
Your cabin looks amazing :) x
Chrysalis - which Thetford loo did you choose?
Hi zo zo and thank you for all yr kind comments I've been waxing hubby in there this afternoon so it's a mess!
I got a new thetford manual flush (takes2batteries) I'll hunt manual out for exact model cost approx 350.00. I have spent more than you prob need to the costs include all labour digging out and laying foundations new path lighting along path and of course on the tree to the right. I got the shed made to my specification as I needed an access hatch to be able to remove cassette.
I,m a nurse and fully vaccinated and we have this in our motorhome too, so not too much of a problem I envisage. I was really worried that clients wouldn't like it after being to my salon and they now have to travel another 6 miles to me now but I've not lost any they all rebooked so I think that is the proof!

Of course my garden has to look immaculate all the time and I've invested in some lovely garden furniture rattan which this week the clients have asked to sit there if there has been a wait, all in all the best decision I made noooooo regrets been trading from it since 1st nov last year.
I'm in the process of setting up my log cabin. I got this one:- Valo 212

It's not massive but it fits in nicely on the corner of my patio. I only do tanning, waxing and nails so don't need masses of room. My hubby has had to insulate it to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter, plus we have had full electrics put in with own consumer unit.

I haven't got water as don't have the space, but its very close to my house so clients can pop in the side door to use my toilet in my utility room if need be. I can lock my utility room door to keep it separate from my house so I hope its not going to be a problem.

I will post some piccies when its all ready.
That's fab, I would love something like that. Looks amazing x
Hi millyspook can't wait to see yr pics too I'm loving how geeks have adapted and improvised to develop their businesses especially in recession times it's good to see! :)
Have a look at insulated buildings It's a company called Coldstream. I have a room from them and it's fab. Sadly I don't have a loo and really miss having one
Just marking to show hubby later!!!
We did a self build with a brick/block and beam foundation with shiplap sides, full double glazing and LOTS of insulation (under floor, in roof, all walls).

We have running water to the Salon but no toilet. The house is close with a loo near the front door and havent had a client need to use it yet. We do have more of a problem with toilets as we are not on main sewerage and have to use ye olde sess pit for toilets which is why we use the house loo.

The whole building is about 45 feet by 13 feet. We have yet to finish it completely with verandas, paving, etc, because of the weather this year. We did use a large caravan/mobile home previously, and this building is heaps bettter. It is still a work in progress outside and think it cost aprox £20k. That includes the materials to finish it.

Only problem we have is it can get very very hot but the flip side is we use very little heating when its cold.

Viva the log cabin!

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