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Mar 24, 2006
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What do you guys think of Jessica Nail Polishes ?

I have used them in two spas before both on clients and myself and always seemed to have problems with the polish peeling, sometimes after a day !

The worst would be after a bath you could see it start lifting at the edges :irked:

I have read comments and spoke to people about Jessica and many agree about the peeling and others have never experienced this problem so what I want to know is why does it only happen to some people ? If it wasn't for the peeling I would definetly go for Jessica but im just not sure as I don't want clients complaining about the quality of the polish.

I have the Jessica & OPI reps coming to see me soon and need to choose between the two.
Well Juliette,you know which one i would be biased on...and you arent gonna like this,but ive tried a few creative ones...i love em:eek::lol:

So for me its creative or....OPI:rolleyes::lol:
If I had to chose between the 2 then I would go for OPI, having tried Jessica in the passed, I thought the poilishes were naff, no sticking power and were quite 'rubbery' and peeled after a couple of days.
OPI were great, lasted well and lovely shades.

IMHO Creative is the way to go, but you didnt ask about them so I say OPI!! xxx
I use OPI but I have a client who brings her own Jessica polish and it stays on very well for the full two weeks till I see her again hth x
I absolutly love OPI polishes great selection of shades stay on well no peeling experienced so far. Lasts along time with out chipping. Ask the reps to give you some samples to try out before making your final decision.

OPI for me:hug:
Thanks guys,

OPI would make more sense as it is not very well known in my area, only one salon I know has it (oh and boots :irked:) but I really do love the Jessica products, just the polish that was the problem and the fact it is in loads of salons around here.
Boots now do OPI too? Why do suppliers keep doing this!
Boots now do OPI too? Why do suppliers keep doing this!

Yes they don't sell colours in our local one at the moment only the treatment basecoats, creams etc that could be due to the size of the store though.

The problem selling it in boots is the advantage card system, If I was going to get extra points then I would buy it from there to !
I had no idea about Boots:irked:

I would look at china Glaze then:hug:
The Boots by me is huge and is not only offers top,base coats,creams ect it even offers most colours.

But i must admit i would say OPI as well i have had clients come back and complain about jessica nail polishes! i must admit tho i still like to use there products for manicures and pedicures treatmenst as they are lush XX
I always had both Jessica and OPI as i loved the Jessica treatments and had favorit colours in both ranges...also when i went on holiday to Florida i found a shop called trade secrets which sold all salon proffessional products for hair and beauty and had some colours i hadnt seen before in both ranges so i stocked up as they were so cheap there!

I dont see anything wrong with stocking 2 or more ranges, and they are similar prices anyway. Re peeling, i think its the top coats especially Brilliance, especially when the bottle is getting near half empty...they always recommended topping the bottles up to keep them above half full...maybe thats why?
Boots now do OPI too? Why do suppliers keep doing this!

I brought this up with my BDM at OPI and they assured me that Boots would only be doing the nail treatments - nail envy etc and would not be stocking the whole range of laquers.

I too use OPI and would recommend these. I recently had a jessica pedicure and the polish chipped the day after! I was so annoyed!
I use Jessica and my clients love it! I never have problems with my Jessica polishes they always last never chip and are fantastic. Also when i have a problem with my order Customer Service are brilliant! I strongly recommened Jessica. Also the training is the best training i have ever done. They cover absolutly everything and also give fantastic retail tips! My retail sales have gone up hugly since Jessica! BIG thumbs up
I'm sure I've read there have been problems with the bottles for the jessica polishes.

I love creative polishes but attitude by united beauty are quite good and affordable. I tend to use those for childrens parties and things x x
Jessica polishes really are not nice. OPI is really nice.
Thanks guys, when the reps come im going to make sure i have a good play with both polishes, just such a hard decision to make !
Just wanted to let you know I choose OPI in the end.

I tried both and the Jessica as predicted chipped after two days, OPI lasted much longer.

Im really pleased with OPI as they have a salon product stand (like Jessica) and I find it a more comprehensive range than what I was using before. I just love the fact they do a seperate salon & retail polish rack.

The only problem I have encountered is that quite a few of my clients have links to sallys, eg. friends & family and they are forever saying they can get them cheaper there :irked::mad: good job they don't stock the full range !

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