just finished my VTCT course


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Feb 27, 2007
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boston, lincolnshire
hi all

ive just fini9shed my VTCT course and passed. i have been looking at some of your pics and was just wondering how you get the glitter on the nail tips ?

is it with acrylic or gel?

anyone got any step by step instructions?

we wasn't taught how to do this on my course but i want to learn different methods

any help greatly appreciated

Well you either buy colours with the glitter already added (which is the expensive way to do it) OR you add it yourself to what ever you are using.

If I use it (which I really don't apart from examples to show) I make a bead of L&P and then dip the bead into the glitter and apply as usual. It's pretty simple really.
You can also mix a little into your clear gel or coloured gel.

Remember to have a separate brush for this or you may see glitter whee you do not want to see it.
Hi Julie

I teach VTCT in a local college and glitter orcolours are not part of the curriculum althought i wish it was (well mayby one day in my dreams).

I would mix as gigi already say only thing i would add is i do prefer to sculpt with my coulours and glitters as the coulour/glitter is more vibrent.

Hope this is of help and congrats on passing
Luv T:green:
that depends if it is level 2 or 3 you are teaching and whether or not its NVQ ( which is awarded by VTCT and City and guilds) level 2 is usually manicure, pedicure and one system.. if it was acrylic i apply glitter/colours in the same way but its just sooo much fun to experiment and play with them- so have a blast!!!!

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