Just gained a client with Creative L&P on but ....


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Jul 19, 2005
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Cannock, Staffordshire
.......She has said that every other 2 weeks her old tech used to remove lifting and blend zone 3 flush and apply top coat and then the next fortnightly app she did a rebalance.

I have never heard of this, is there a risk of the enhancements becoming so unbalanced they will start to crack? I have not seen the nails, she is due at 3pm today but am not enitrely sure if she is expecting a full rebalance or what she called a "tidy up". They are NNO btw, P&W.

Also, if this is something that is done, what would you charge for a tidy up with no new product applied, just top coat?


Rachel xxxxx
I would be ok if her nails grow slowly. It's something I offer my clients if they want a touch up (usually if they are going somewhere special) & aren't ready for a rebalance. 4 weeks is a long time bewteen rebalances though.
I don't really have to blend zone 3, but I do give it a quick buff over.
Well LCN pretty much teach this way. Most people's nails haven't grown forward enough in 2 weeks to make them unbalanced and so a full rebalance really is only necessary every 4 weeks, and some people can go 6 if their nails grow slowly. However LCN say to buff back the gel and reapply a gloss layer.

What I would try and do is eliminate the lifting that she is getting and then she only needs to come every 4 weeks anyway - what a happy bunny she would be. At least that's what I'd do as a gel user!
I'll let you know what her nails are like when i see her today. She says it has been 2 weeks tomorrow since she last saw her tech down south.

Thanks for the advice xxxxxx
As other have said, if her nails are particularly slow growing & there's not much movement in zone 3, then I suppose that's ok.

Personally, I would asses her nails when she comes in, because clients can say all sorts about their nails, but when you finally see them, you can be sure of the service you will provide.
At the end of the day, if she's having problems with lifting, you need to sort that out & I would therefore imagine that she either has actual infills or rebal if needed, as you will have to remove a bit of product to get rid of the lift, which imo would make them inbalanced, either way, you'd need to re-apply the removed product I would of thought, so she's got well balanced, even looking nails.

My own nails at the mo could do with a tidy round the cuticle area as they have grown a small amount, but don't need infills, so I will gently buff the area, replace my uv top coat & carry on for another 2 weeks, as I'm slow growing! Wish it was'nt just my nails!!!:lol:
Hi I offer a "tidy up" on my price list it is mainly for clients who are terrible pickers, biters and just heavy handed ( I only have a couple). No matter how many times I tell them how to care for them and that its not cost effective for them, they just can`t resist putting them in their mouth`s.

All I do is buff down lightly with a white block (to remove glaze n go) and re glaze. If they have any missing or chipped then I do repair/replace whatever is appropriate the clients that have this usually have it on a weekly basis and I infill every 2/3 weeks.

I charge £8 for tidy up & any repairs are additional to the cost. HTH. :)
Well the lady came and her nails looked lovely before I even did a thing. They were the thinnest NNO I had ever seen, I thought mine were thin til I saw these.

Anyway, she said that every she would go with what i thought best and I explained that I had never been asked for a tidy up at 2 weeks and a rebal at 4 weeks, but would recommend 3 weekly rebals so this is what she has gone for.

She was extremely pleased with what I did, which I have to say I was pleased she liked them as her previous tech was a Creative Master :).

She has booked her next 3 appointments with me so have gained a new client yay.

Thanks for your advice

Rachel xxx
Well done. I am glad it went well for you. :)
I'm really glad i saw this thread, had a friend in yesterday and she'd only had her set on just over a week ago but they had grown lightening quick, i had brought my white down a bit lower as i suspected they would grow quickly, they looked fine so i just buffed down the gel and around cuticle area and reapplied gel top coat, looked like brand new again, but then i thought should i have done that so nice to know its common practice xx

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