Just wanted to share my pride!!


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Apr 15, 2012
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I know it may sound very silly but, I've been fretting over this for months but, today I passed all three of my manicure assessments at college!!!
I have been so worried about the French manicure in particular! To add to the stress a lot of the girls have been failed by the tutor many times so I had built myself up into a quivering mess!! I tried to stay calm, getting things right and looking perfect is very important to me and to my surprise everything fell into place! I managed to stop my hand shaking and applied the polish almost perfectly! I still had to clean up the edges a little but considering a year ago I had only ever polished my nails a handful of times it makes me very proud! I came home very pleased with myself and my oh said "that's good" so I thought I would share with some people who share my new found love of polish!!!! :) xx
It all came good when it counted. Congratulations and Well Done.:biggrin:
Ah well done :) Xx
Rhiannon x
Aww well done Hun!!


Congratulations! well done x
Well done 😊x x
well done! x
Thanks girls! Xxxx
Well done 💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅
Congratulations :0) x
Thank you, I'm celebrating by ordering lots more pretty polish today!! Lol x
well done xx
Well done huni!
You should be really proud of yourself; your tutor obviously has high standards, and rightly so, and you have met those standards.
A big well done!
That's great news! Well done you!

Congratulations xx
Thank you! It's motivated me to train further, I was going to concentrate on other treatments because of my confidence but now I am going to book on some cnd courses over the summer and add nails to my package, just need the same confidence with brows!
My tutor was trained in south Africa and worked the cruise ships, high quality salons so her standards are very high, I like that though it brings out the best in us xx

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