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Jun 23, 2005
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Hi All,
I trained a very very long time ago and have not got a certificate to prove I have done training so has anyone got any ideas on how I can overcome this as suppliers are (understandably) getting very definate about proof that I am trained and the supplier I have been using locally to me is closing. I thought about doing a conversion course but even then a certificate is needed. Any help will be greatfully received.
There really is no way around this, and TBH there shouldn't be or any Mickey or Minnie Mouse could say they were qualified and had lost or didn't have their certificate, which I am sure you would agree would be really bad for the industry which sufferers enough from untrained people saying "I Can DO Nails", when they have no qualification or insurance, speaking of which you have to provide proof of to obtain. Cant you ring the company you trained with to request a copy of your certificate should only cost you a few quid. As you say even if you wanted to do a conversion course you would still have to provide proof of initial training in order to convert, so if you cant get a copy you will have to do your training again, which has changed so much in recent years it really might be worth it anyway. :hug:
My first training was done years and years ago by someone who was in a salon and I got a certificate from her which I lost in a house move. I was naive at the time and there was no Nail Geek to help me along the way. Unfortunately she had closed down by then so that was that. I had no other choice but to do some more training to obtain some certificates to prove I was legit!

You can approach some companies who will do a course tailored to you and they will assess you on that. You could contact a few companies and explain your situation and see what they think. There is no way around it though and if you trained with a college or with one of the main brands you should be able to get copies of your certificates. :green:
How did you obtain your insurance if you have no certificate to show that you did train as a Nail Technician? Insurance company's may insure you without proof, but if there is a claim, then the first thing they will ask for is your certificate to show that you are qualified.
If there is no way of getting a training certificate from your training company or trainer then I am afraid you will have to retrain with a company whos certificates are industry and insurance valid.
Don't look at it as money wasted, but money invested in your profession xxxx
If you need a certificate and cannot get a copy then you will have to train with another company I'm afraid.
If you trained with City and guild or vtct for example you can usually purchase replacement certificates hth's
Thanks all for you replies and yes I will have to redo my training and like some said it would be good to update and make sure my insurance is safe. Just gotta start saving now lol xx
Dont make the mistake of doing cheap training just to get a certificate! Go for a good course! IE with CND, with the foundation course you also get the kit!
Thank you for that, was looking at home learn ones to fit in round the more mundane things in lifelol. Can anyone recommend one? Or are they not worth the paper they are written on? x
Thank you for that, was looking at home learn ones to fit in round the more mundane things in lifelol. Can anyone recommend one? Or are they not worth the paper they are written on? x
check that your insurance will accept the home study certificate.

I think you already know the reputation of home learn courses.
Hya did you not have to send copies of your cetificate to your insurance ?? if so they will have it on file, also did you not have to send copies of them to buy products as most company's ask you before you are allowed to buy professional products so they may have them on file also, worth ringing and asking, what company was it you trained ith as surely the head office of said company will be able to give you your dates and send you a copy. :)
Thanks for that, I have been ringing my local Creative trainer and had a really bad response to be honest. Rung and rung over 3 weeks and got a very non help full person who just said 'I dont know im not sure' after everything I asked and said! She said she would put it in the computer for head office to phone me, still no phone call. Ive rung again and again and most times dont get an answer or if they do answer they take my number but no one phones back!!! This is at my local CND, really doesnt give you much confidence in the company that would be training me does it. I dont want any old training as there are enough 'nail techs' out there with no idea what they are doing and eventually I want to open a salon, but it seems to be a real minefield now lol xx
Hi hun. CND are certainly one of the industry greats for training so don't let one persons off week throw you there ;)

home learn can also work for people. Essential nails offer a wife range of courses and their certifictes do enable you to obtain insurance :)
Thank you. Ive just ordered my Essential course so will get that done and stop moaning to you all lol xxx Thank you to everyone that has posted, your fab xxx
We have an essential nails group too hun, would be great to see you there, top navigation bar under groups xx

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