Ladies' Night.... what do you do???


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May 21, 2003
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Ascot - Berkshire
Morning all!! 8)

I need some input / help / advice / valium / GT / ....anything!

I have just been talked into renting a table for a Ladies' Night at a local school. :shock: I know I know.... had to end the phone call quick and "yes" came out without me realizing it!! :D

The lady I spoke to seems to want me to do nail extensions and nail art mainly. So, errrmmmm, what are you suppose to do really?? Like at the big shows, have your kit there, do one finger to who wants it, give your card and details and hey presto, your done ??? :p You wouldn't do a full set, would you?

I think I might also do some little bags with those tiny little bottles of Solar oil and Scentsations... and just hand them out, with a card inside of course... ;)

Anyone who's ever done those, please HEEEELLLLPPP!!!

Teach me answering the phone during the day!! :rolleyes:
I've done a couple of those nights - my ones were called indulgence evenings :) All nail technicians that were there were very busy all night but no-one was doing nail extensions - it just takes too long :( What we all offered was a 15 minute session for £5 where we'd do a mini manicure and polish. This way the customer could see a taste of what we could do and it was the ideal opportunity to hand out price lists and business cards for future business. :D Sadly though I was still in the middle of my course when I did mine and wasn't well experienced enough at all to take anyone on - not to mention that it was a bit too far for me to travel from my home on a regular basis. My sister who's a newly qualified reflexologist is planning to organise one of these nights very soon within our local area and I shall definitely take advantage of trying to get new clients from that evening :D The idea of selling other little nail goodies though is very good. These nights are very successful from what I've seen so far so good luck I'm sure you'll do great!! :D :D
Hi Nats,

I actually did one of these last night at one of our local schools. We also call it an Indulgence evening. I have done about 4 now at the local schools.

There were various "stalls" - Mary Kay, Body Shop at Home, reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Jewellery, Hair thingys, Eyebrow threading, Lingerie and Moi LOL

I tend to offer a free sample nail - enhancement and/or airbrushing - if they book an appointment on the night then I offer a 10% discount - last night I took bookings for 2 full sets, 6 manicures and several young girls wanting just airbrushing - in total potential business, if they all come, of about £150 - plus lots of brochures were taken.

I did also have items for sale but some of the other stalls had really cheap varnishes etc so no one wanted to pay for pukka stuff LOL.

Good luck and let us know if we can help further and how it goes.
"There were various "stalls" - Mary Kay, Body Shop at Home, reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Jewellery, Hair thingys, Eyebrow threading, Lingerie and Moi LOL"

Eyebrow threading?! Whats that?!!!

LayStar said:
Eyebrow threading?! Whats that?!!!


I knew someone would ask LOL

It is an alternative to plucking or waxing. The lady who does it uses a piece of cotton thread which she twists and uses it to pull the hair out - apparently very quick and not as painless oops wrong word LOL meant not as painful. She also does bikini threading - now that certainly would make my eyes water LOL.
LOL...that sounds too complicated..I'll stick to my tweezers lol!!

I have to put my tuppence worth in about eyebrow threading, I had it done at olympia and it hurt like hell, but it was so worth it, it was incredible
Lol yep I get this done when in India on hols, they dont use tweezers just thread, and boy are they quick and acurate. Two bits of string, they somehow twiddle them together and pull any unwanted hairs out.

I nearly wet myself as I had never hear of that before and thought she was gonna sew me a nice new sarong lol.
So now when we go there, it's my favorite thing.
Boy do you learn when you travel.
love Ruth xxx
Hey, those look fab!!! :D

Some lucky ladies are going to be VERY pleased with those!!!

Best wishes,

I think those look wonderful!! Well Done! ;)
Love those sample bags. I will be doing a talk in August for a group of older ladies (Priory Wives) and was wondering what demo's I should do as the youngest is about 40 and the oldest is a sprightly 80+ :shock:

Do you think it would be a good idea to make up a 'Home Care Kit' to give as a draw prize?

Any more ideas will be gratefully appreciated.

:p Sharon
Good luck nat...........
let us know how you get on
Let us know how it went nats, I think those samples look fab, i'd be chuffed to bits if i got one of those!

Good for you!

Keep smiling
Sue x o)
God I would love one and I am not even going lol..........
Nice on Hun xxxxxxxxxxxx

Love Ruth xxxx
... but geee.... some education to do!! :shocker:
I have realised today that mums (of young children) have terrible hands and nails and a complete lack of nail education :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
It all went really well, and I had a really nice setup, except that the tables were kind of on the low side... being infant school tables.... :shock: so have a bit of a bad back now... but hey... from 7.30 til 10.30 I just sat there and was booked solid every 15 minutes: manicures, manicures, manicures and more manicures. Tried to talk about nail enhancements... "What's that??? "... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: They all loved the Solar range and even tried a little dab on 2 ladies who had eczema and oh so painfully dry and red hands!! :( We waited, I had cotton wool with water ready in hand... and wooosshhhh... nothing happend!! :D no itching.... no scratching.... no nothing... they were so happy! They both said the feeling on their hands was really great. One even came back for a second helping!! :D
I blabbed so much about the gloves, the oil, the cream, the this and the that ..... that my throat is sore...
Anyhow, next one is in October. Can't wait!! :D Will only bring manicure / pedicure stuff. That's what they all wanted!!
Don't you feel great and Oh So Confident - !!!! ;) ;)
Well done and aren't you chuffed.....
Another experience to add to your portfolio......
Again well done hun,
love Ruth xxx
:D :D I am putting together spa parties where i will try to have some clients bring their friends for a ladies night type of thing "bachorlorette spa nights..."
I think it would be nice, must incorperate a little goodie bad thing
:oops: my first post
I need some translation, chuffed? and I still cant picture the thredding thing I need to find out if the do that here.
chuffed means.......being pleased, or over the moon, or totaly pleased lol
There you go another translation sorted lol
Sounds like a fab idea.
love Ruth xxxx
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