Leather sofas & scratch marks!!! Help please??


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Bev Rose

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Aug 26, 2004
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I have 2 very lovely chocolate brown leather sofas in my lounge.

I also have one very cute, but very 'jumpy up on the furniture' wire fox terrier!!

Bob the dog has scratched me sofas:cry:, I love him to bits but he's such a climber! When he jumps up or down he's done a scratch or two....does anyone have any ideas or know of any product I could buy to blot out/clear/cover/hide/remove/stain the marks??

He has not gone through the leather, but the scratches have scuffed the chocolate colour and they look like light brown streaks!

I've tried cleaning wipes & solutions provided by the company but to no avail.

I'm looking like getting throws for them now, should of done that at the beginning!
omg if anyoe knws of a solution i too would love to know, we got two lovely choc brown sofas last year and the kids scratched one fighting with a set of keys, its a very fiant but noticable streak right across middle cushion, have tried the cleanign stuff they gave us and some supposed leather scratch restorer but with now luck

they are now covered with throws grrrrr

if anyone knows id be very grateful too

sorry for jumping on on your thread bev :lol:
yep, you can get a scratch-removal solution, cant remember what its called but we get our leather care products from the local tack shop, and they stock a really good range so it might be worth popping in there to ask for advice :) also use your nail scissors to trim any bits of fluff that poke out from where the scratch marks are, as that actually helps them to look a lot less visible.

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