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Lavander Rose

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Aug 29, 2007
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Hi Everyone.

Can anyone tell me if they have tried Lily Lolo Mineral Make-up?

or does anyone actually wear mineral make-up?

I am going to be working from home soon and a bit of mobile still and I am looking for a good make-up company so I can introduce make-up to my leaflets and website.
I have been searching around for weeks now for a good make-up brand that is professional and good to work with, and of course which is not too costly.
I have looking into Barbra Bort but would still like to look around first b4 i make a final decision.
If anyone has any suggestions to what they use in there business I would really appreciate it.

Lanvander rose.
Hi, I'm not a professional but I have tried some of the Lilylolo products - they're nice, lovely colours (especially good in their foundation shades) and I much prefer them to other mineral make up I've tried - the prices are brilliant too. The service was also very good, very speedy and cheap p&p. I don't know if there are training courses for mineral makeup but what I've found is that it's very different from "normal" makeup with application techniques, depth of pigment etc, and it's quite messy with everything being a loose powder, so you might want to try it for yourself before you decide if it's something you want to use in a professional capacity.

The only other thing is that I've read you shouldn't use mineral foundation for brides - something to do with the way it comes up in flash photography - but I think that only applies to makeup with a certain ingredient. I'm sure one of the proper geeks will be able to say whether that's true or if I dreamed it!
I started a thread a few months ago about it, i'll try and find it xxx

awww thanks for the reply guys do you know if its good enough for wedding make-up ive recieved my samples today and feels and looks really nice not tried it out yet will do tomorrow,

Lavander Rose
i havent done any brides yet, but lots of mother of the brides - one came three times in the summer, so i'd say yes!

becki xxx
Lol - I've just ordered some samples!:lol:

I've been using ID Bare Essen for a while now and I quite like...... it's much better on my skin than any traditional foundation I've ever used.

It will be interesting to compare it to another mineral makeup tho.... can't wait to give it a go... :green:
i think you'll love lily lolo - the eye colours are GORGEOUS!:Grope:
Hi, ive been using mineral makeup for 4 years now and would never go back to normal makeup. Have tried lily and max factor and one other one and the name escapesme at the mo,but none of them have a patch on ID BARE ESCENTUALS. Mineral makeup is so easy to use with no mess.The eye colours can be mixed with vasoline for lips, clear varnish for nails and water for dramatic looks. Best product on the market imo. By the way, i have qualified to b e waxing tech today. Horay for me .....
personally i dont believe max factor counts as a true mineral make up

becki xxx
:) i'm new to this all and was looking at some questions. yours is a good one. mineral make up is made from micronized oxides. the cheep ones are not good for photo graphy. a good test is to put some product in a bottle with water and shake it. if the product dispurses in the water the product doesn't have enough oxides and more mica fillers, which are shiny. i have used color science and jane ardell(my favorate so far) beautifully on brides in. the spf has at least 7.5%. for sunprotection, a must for out door weddings.
another goodone is bismith oxide. i have come across people who are allergic. it's in most mineral m/u. bella cosmetics doesn't have it. there is another i can't remember. i'd llike to know how things work out.
My samples arrived today...... will report back :)
i love the stuff...but i cant seem to stop getting it everywhere...i get ready in front of the bathroom mirror above the wash basin....after i have finished the basin looks a right state..:lol: x

Have ordered some sample today so will let you all know what I think.
i love the stuff...but i cant seem to stop getting it everywhere...i get ready in front of the bathroom mirror above the wash basin....after i have finished the basin looks a right state..:lol: x

I know exactly what you mean! I seem to waste quite a bit too especially with the blushers. I was wondering if tipping some into a saucer that I could cover up might be the best way? I'm tired of having to hoover up every time I do my face! :irked:
I am thinking about using Lily Lolo in my salon, I have heard a lot of good feedback from my clients here in EDINBURGH. The price is fantastic as well. Love their eyeshadows.

you are tipping some into the lid before putting on your brush right?!

becki xxx

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