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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
so guys
i've just got back from working backstage at some of the shows that creative are doing this season :D
as always hard work, but soooooooooo cool 8)
these shows are for spring/summer 2004.
red, again is the new orange!
arcadius was our 1st show. wow! great clothes 8)
lots of white denim with appliqued materials on, mostly red, but some blue. we used decadence red enamel, & sue marsh hand painted a white star of david on 1 middle finger nail.
j. maskerey was next (literally!), this was beautiful.
glitter in rainbow colours was applied across one side of some of the models faces (aka david bowie, ziggy stardust!) 8) & there were the most exscuisite body jewels covering the top half of some models (instead of clothes :oops: )
the colour scheme was pink & red make-up, so we used tutti frutti & fiesta, with fiesta diagonally across.
lastly, justin oh was very soft & girly ( & for any one who knows me will know that i'm more into urban chic!) but they were very well put together & for once i ageed that a soft natural colour was needed, so we used 3 coats of classique(lulu).
amanda reevell had the taka nata show this morning, so i don't know how that one went yet.
i'm back there on wed. with amanda & samantha for 1 more show & .........wait for it.............. my 1st closing party :fire:
i will let you know how it goes when i return ( IF i return!!!)
lol liza xx
Ok, so maybe I am jumping way ahead of myself here, as I haven't done my Masters yet. But this side of it all sounds very exciting, I know that it is hard work as I have read about it in the Encyclopedia of Nails, but how did you get into that side of things? (Wow, no spelling mistakes!)
Well by the sounds of it you had a ball and going to the closing party.......
How cool is that............
Can't wait to see those piccies...................
Dont let Mr.Kodak near them thought lol.............
Never mind that we didn't meet up today, shame but I understand the sounds of it, you had your hands full...pardon the pun.........
but will meet up soon, then I can get all the goss from the Cat Walk lol.............

Go girl go
love Ruth xxxxxxx
hiya beautiful nails
the answer to your question is two fold.
1st- i have experience from photo shoots that i have organised & financed myself, for my portfolio & photographic compititions.
this gives me some of the neccessary experience required.
2nd- as an ambassador for creative, i am priviliged to be part of the shows that samantha aquires through her p.r connections.
i'm v.close to london, & we sometimes get less than 24hrs notice for jobs (as in the watchdog job), which means i have to be able & prepared to drop everything & rearrange my; clients, children, & husband :shock:
as i've also sussed, it's not just haveing the neccessary skills, it's haveing the right temprement i.e being invisible when nec., & the ability to read a situation.
poeple like the untouchables & nicola joss have done all the ground work over the last 10 yrs, & for that i'm gratefull.
the fashion industry is very cliquey, & if you do a good job & you fit in, you will be asked again.
hope that helps :shock:
anything worth haveing, is worth waiting for.
i plugged away for many years b4 anything of significance happened, but a naturally patient (or should i say stubborn!) nature helps!
lol liza xx
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