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Oct 8, 2005
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nelson, lancashire
hey everyone,
was just interested to hear if any of you have tried or are fans of the "lush" product range. i went yesterday and got a few soaps and things and i bought myself one of the fresh face masks they make. the one i got was the cupcake one and i tried it out this afternoon and i must say my skin feels amazing.

anyone else?

tara x

I've used the Dream Cream. It really is divine and I have turned so many people on to it. I used to used on my son's exzema, unfortunately its stopped working for him. For me though and others it really is beautiful to use! x
We used to retail them in the salon i worked at,they are lovely products.I loved some of the perfumes and bath products.
Love em,but they are not for the professional therapist and therefore dont use them or recommend them to clients.Not saying I dont like them though....:lol:xx
i wasnt intending to use them on clients no. i was just curious if any geeks use them for personal use.
the gift boxes they do at christmas time are fab for pressies.

i use butterball bath bombs and i love them, leave my skin feeling great, seem to help my hair too.x
I love Lush! My boyfriend has to drag me away from the place. I love their shower jellies which are actual jelly, you can even use them as shampoo. I also love the bath bombs, they really are lush.
Im sure its Lush that used to be just a tiny shop at the back of poole harbour Called cosmetics to go.I think they used to make all their stuff there.
I used to really like their foot cream.
i wasnt intending to use them on clients no. i was just curious if any geeks use them for personal use.
the gift boxes they do at christmas time are fab for pressies.

Oh sorry hun,yes I love them and love the smells that linger from the shops.Fantastic for pressies,indeed I sent one of their goodies for my secret santa from this site last year.

Simply gorgeous:lol:
love their bubble bath things, although once i got my nath stained. that can not be healthy.

still love the smell
Im addicted to lush too always get loads for christmas. Dont tell clients that tho want them to buy my stuff
I used to work for lush and b never too busy to be beautiful their sister company.If you have any questions Im the one to ask.xx
i adore lush, i love their bubble bars and happy hippy is the best shower gel.
I love some of their products!

Though I know the "home-made" cosmetics cottage industry community doesn't like them.

Yep I Love Lush, the only one near me is in Cardiff, so over 2 hours drive :eek:
I have ordered online before but some things were smashed on transit.
I stocked up yestersay and got some Gelly Showergel, freshface masks, loads of creams, solid shampoos, stuff for hubby, bombs, soap slices etc etc.

I've had their dream cream and really liked it. The smell in the shops is a bit overpowering though, as the scents are all competing with each other!
hi firemouse...any advice for a good face scrub??
i love lush stuff, its all i use for baths... the bath bombs are great, the lemslip buttercreams great too and all their stuff leaves you smelling gorgeous
i spend a small fortune everytime i go in their shops!
i've never heard of lush, do they had a website?

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