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Feb 9, 2004
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Had to tell you all.
I haven't done pink and white l&p for a few years, love my fibreglass (now Fabric#).
Sitting here this afternoon practicing my l&p on my trainer hand and quite pleased with my first attempt UNTIL my 13 year old son looks at my first attempt and said very quickly OH THATS A BIT THICK:rolleyes:
I will not be beaten i done another and all he said this time was YEH A BIT BETTER!
Watch out for Jack the grand master geek in a few years:)
I will perfect those smile lines!
I thought it would be like riding a bike but this is proving to be a lot harder than i remember.

LOL KIDS!!! their a critical lot!! You'll get there keep up the good work.
that is so cool everyone in my house knows what an apex and a lower arch is lol :D :p :p
KIDS don't you just love em.:biggrin:

My daughter has areally critical eye when i'm doing my nails, i was practising my nail art and she was looking at what i had done. I had done an ivy design which i wasn't pleased with. My daughter looked at it, (bearing in mind she is only 3) and said " never mind mummy you can do it better next time."

I also did a tigger nail but didn't say what it was, showed it to my daughter and she said, " wow mummy you've got tigger on there." At last i have pleased my critic. lol
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