Milia - extraction near to the eye


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Jul 31, 2005
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West Yorkshire
I have a milia, cute little thing - :confused:not - that's getting slightly bigger it's about 2mm from my eye.

Now I have extracted milia from my skin in the past with no problem, but I am very scared of extracting something so close to my eyeball.

Can anyone give me any tips, the skin is so thin near the eye and I don't want to cause any damage to myself.

I know it sounds silly, I've extracted lots of milia in my career but it's a bit different when it's in such a delicate area - I really am scared of hurting myself lol!!
with it being so close to the eye, i'd get someone else to do it for you. pop into your local salon that offers electrolysis, a session of SWD should sort it out, good luck hth's xx
SWD = short wave diathermy

I agree you need to have it professionally removed, but when you're looking for a salon, you need one that offers advanced electrolysis, not just electrolysis :hug:

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