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May 4, 2004
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Hi could any one help me,

I am looking into using millenium tips, just wanted to know what people thought about the general quality of them, and which ones you would recommend as a shape to suit most clients?

Thanks in advance!
I use salon gold as a natural tip, platinum for glitters (I use these more often) these are slightly more difficult to blend. I have a box of french white too but I can't remember the last time I used them HTH's
I use the Salon Gold too and i really like them. I've heard on the forum that they have just introduced a well less tip so i shall deffo be picking some of those up at Excel if they've got them.
i use millenium square tips and i have not encounted any problems:lol:
i use salon gold and the french tips never had any problems with them.
ditto - use salon gold and they are great but also use creative performance tips as they do not need blending

I've used them all and they're fab. They're not as lovely and thin as Creative but you get what you pay for in life I guess. xxx
i use millennium squares and have no problems with them, they blend beautifully and suit most nail shapes x

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