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Jan 30, 2007
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I have a minimist, and although i know it is not for constant use, could anyone please tell me how many tans iI can do in a row without it overheating etc. would three be possible? :confused:
Thankyou in advance!:)
I've done about 6 in a row and never had any problems
Thanx Alli, would you mind telling me if your mimimist feels hot after a couple? (Sorry for the qu's) Thanx for the quick reply:hug:
I regually do 3/4 in a row, but wednesday did 6 in a row for Ascot ladies! Minimist is always fine, and mine does feel a bit hot at end
My TC3 heats up after a few and that's a constant use machine...when it heats up after a few tans you may need to adjust your spray setting as the warmer the equipment the more spray comes out (how techinical am I lol) long as you are cleaning your minimist filter after each session you should be ok.
I have 7 in a row if I remember rightly and yes the minimist does get hot but it should cool sufficiently whilst your client is drying and getting changed so that you can do another spray.

I usually allow 15/20 minutes per spray appointment to talk to client about prep they have done before coming to the salon, consultation, prep in the salon before tan, solution strength, their expectations etc etc.
I was told by the STCC to leave 5 minutes in between each tan, you could leave the client to dry or help them dry in between, or get your next lady to fill out her consultation form. Hope this helps. I did three in a row the other day with a 5 minute gap and it's fine. As long as you remember to clean the filter afterwards and rinse warm water through at the end it wont affect it. Hths x
thanks for all the replies, i feel more confident now that i can do a small tanning party without worryi ng too much! just need to get practising- did my hubby last night, but think i need to try a higher % on him so i can see it better (we were being cautious in case it went streaky!) , he said i can spray him again tonight!
I have done nine. Although I made sure I turned off between clients while I went through consultation cards, the spray tan process and after care. This gave about 4-5 mins between clients. The machine was hot but it gets hot after 1 or 2 sprays so it was no hotter than usual. It done a great afternoon job for me:lol:
I find the metal bit on the pipe gets hot, but thats about it!

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