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Oct 13, 2009
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Hi all you Minx users!

I am thinking of adding Minx to my business BUT I'm put off due to seeing alot of my clients with a really bad application! It looks great from a distance, up close is a different matter, it looks puckered, similar to when you don't put cellotape on properly. I spoke to one of my clients and asked if she was happy and she told me that the person who had applied it told her that it follows the ridges on your nails and if your nails are uneven then the application will be uneven! I'm not convinced that is the case but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and if I can't get it to look fab then I'm not sure I want to use it.

I'll be greatful if anyone can give me the benefit of their experience!


I use minx In the salon I work in. It does really well
it does folow the same pattern as the clients nail if thy weren't put on to the pattern of the nail I'm sure they would come off easy as there would be air underneath them? Does that make sense? X

maybe you could put gel or acylic on the nail before you put the minx on to even out ridges?
My suspicion is you have seen either the gold or silver plain ones. We had a client in for minx and she picked the Gold, she was older (I'm not a nail tech so I don't know if it makes any difference) but her toenails were ridged badly, and it did show through the Minx. However, some people with similar toenails to this have had patterned Minx done and it seems to camoflage in better with these. xx
Plenty of us do perfect application of Minx so I'm sure if we can then you can.

The foil Minx do not look as good over badly ridged toes - of course they dont - a mirror surface has to be perfectly smooth or it is not a mirror .. and if not then it will show .. so dont use the mirror foils on ridged toes is the answer -- as mentioned, use the patterns as they disguise the imperfections completely.

FYI ... I see plenty of horrible nails that people have done and even more that are not perfect ... I've never let what others do stop me from doing what I want to do ergo why should you?
The contours of my toenails aren't perfect and they look much better with patterned minx, so will probably stick to them now.

I had my first couple of sets applied in a salon, as I wanted to see if I liked them/ how they should be done etc. I loved them, but would say it gave me ideas on how 'I'd' do them in future and it has. Although you do need to keep quite a firm grip as you're smoothing them down, you don't need to yank/stretch them over people to the point of almost pain <which was what happened to me.> You also need to select your files with care and not use the likes of hot shots etc, as the salon I went to left them somewhat 'Ragged' at the free edges. Result, now that I do my own .. great application and I wouldn't be without them on my tootsies, especially during the 'Sandal' months. :D

Minx can't, by virtue of what they are, cover ridges etc, but the patterned ones are perfect for this dilemma. :D
What I do if a client is determined to have one of the solid metallics and their nails aren't the best I will apply a layer of Gel to smooth out any imperfections this works really well on fingers and toes :hug:
Just curious, but would you charge extra for this on application/removal, as it's going to take more time/product with both services?
Clients would definitely have to pay quite a bit extra if I applied gel first to even out ridges ... I sure as heck would not do it for nothing!!

I'm sure karen will charge .. she is no idiot and a CND Master Nail Technician as well.
Clients would definitely have to pay quite a bit extra if I applied gel first to even out ridges ... I sure as heck would not do it for nothing!!

I'm sure karen will charge .. she is no idiot and a CND Master Nail Technician as well.
Don't worry Gigi I defiantly do charge extra and explain to the client that if they want a smooth finish to the Metallics then its worth paying for :D

My Minx Manicure is £25 Pedicure £28 and an extra £15 for a clear Gel overlay and I have to say none of my clients refuse if I recommend it :D
I've never used minx, so I don't know what its like to apply them. But if there are ridges on the nail plate couldn't you buff them out first with a 4way buffer?

YOu could buff them out, but it weakens the nail in the long run.
Buffing weakens the nail and makes it more porous .. avoid it if you can.
You can apply Minx as immaculately as the level of your skill!

There aren't many ridges that can be buffed out and , as Geeg says, should be avoided. Gel takes time and needs charging for. A very quick alternative that is easy and quick with minimal cost comes back to a fantastic fall back for every technician: resin! Thin layer, brush on activator, white block, sorted

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