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Just checked and we are now on 101! Long way to go but what a great start as its only been going 5 days. Thank you all once again for the support.
because I wanted to be #100 (Which I am)

Actually... I went there last week and couldnt find the freaking petition.
Mr Geek :fro: YOU haven't signed yet!!!
Thanks girls. Aphrodite, I love your avatar!!!!


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Feb 6, 2003
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Aveley, Essex
Hi All,

As you all know I had a meeting with my local Health & Safety Officer regarding the use of MMA and he advised me to start a petition. I hope you've all got yours going!!! Well, Chocolate (aka Rachel Myatt) has a petition on her website Could everyone please sign it because the more signatures we get the better.

I have signed as has my Nan, we are now up to 30.

Sarah :D
Way to go..........Rachel fab for being so quick on the ball, can we copy this and print this and get all our clients to sign this, might target all our underground stations too.....................

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
Hi ya

I have signed away....

We need more signatures cos i was only da tenth person to sign so come on geeks everyone sign...

i have signed it

can we copy it kelly to have in salon ?????????

i know my clients would all sign
Well signed sealed and deliverd

well if we all sign this, we will have over a 1000 signatures for starters......
nice figure to be going on with me thinks............
So sign and make a difference please................

love Ruth xxxxxxxxxx
:-D I did it tooooo!!! :D

Its like one HUUUUUUUUUUGE MMA Police Squad!! Ruth, you have backup now!! :D

hiya guys
i've just added my name to the list.
this is sooooooooooooooo important, we should all sign asap :D
lol liza xx
Excellent idea...

I've signed it, but still only 28 names (though one is a no to banning it :shock: !!!)...
Nice one!!!

Signed and now 20 in total so far, l'm going to paint a t-shirt with the website and BAN MMA on the front walk around doing my Avon as not allowed to do any nails for at least one more week - sob - sob due to a very large scratch to my eyeball and it is like l have cellotape over my eye and everything is fuzzy. It should get people asking what it is and then l can get them signing. Well done for the petition.
:thumbsup: Well done Rachel!!!! Have just signed it !!!

As others have asked is there a way of printing this form to get clients to sign :?:

I think it's gonna take all of us pulling together on this one, SO GET SIGNING EVERYONE!!!!!! :hit:
I signed it I signed it!! :D :D :D

27 signatures now people - come on!!
Hi guys,

On behalf of Rachel, thanx for the comments. She's actually in Salisbury at the mo but will be back tomorrow. I'm not sure if the petition can be printed off or not but I have one that I made up and I've got 27 signatures so far! If anyone wants a copy please email me and I'll forward it on to you.

Thank you all so much for signing it. I knew I could count on you all.

Ruth I love your idea about targetting the underground stations. Also, I think it was Ella (I apologise if it wasn't) about getting in to the local colleges. I think maybe we should start a different thread and have like a brainstorming session of places we could go to and make the public aware of this. What does everyone think?
yay !! great idears girls! i have signed too :D nickki jonesx
Thanks for letting us know about the petition Kelly!!! :D

Well done, Rachael!!! :D

I've signed and am 24 on the list!

thanks for that kelly

will get it printed off ASAP and in my salon :D :D :D

Hopefully the rest of the girls/guys will want one too so get ready to e mail it to a few :D
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