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  1. solomarketinggeek
    What does your friend (who is blooming, which is a beautiful way to put it) do? If she's doing something a little different than you, then maybe you could promote each other.

  2. solomarketinggeek
    Hi Grace_Hair,

    For email newsletters, the term "newsletter" itself is what throws off most people. The term is still commonly used, yet sending out news isn't what most people want most of the time.

    Instead, tell personal stories. Big companies don't do it because they usually don't want to feature any particular person in their companies. So it's a big advantage you have as a solo service provider.

    A great formula I learned is Entertain, Educate, Offer. You intro your email with a personal story (a few short paragraphs) and then say "And that's sort of like haircutting..." You can make that transition in countless ways. The point is to give them a valuable, actionable nugget of education. And then you can transition into making an offer if you want.

    As for the blog, you can post your emails to your blog. That's valuable content, so why not archive it publicly?

    Does that help?

  3. Lucy Heath
    My friend runs a hair salon, she got an app produced really well. She promotes through it, and says it's the best way to market these days. The guys who did it ( made my website (makeup). Hope this helps.
  4. surf girl
    Wow that's expensive! Does it generate a lot of business? Enough to justify the cost?
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  5. Lucy Heath
    She says she's getting way more bookings through now (easier on an app), and I guess people must book more often, she also promotes through it.

    More and more salons are getting apps now, I honestly thought apps were way cheaper than that too, but apparently bespoke apps can cost from
    3-100k, so her ones actually cheap at 99 monthly. o_O
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  6. GroupISO
    Also make sure that you're posting credit card acceptance stickers on your windows to reminder passers-by that you accept credit cards, like Discover, Visa, MC, Amex, JCB, UnionPay, etc.
  7. RoneyJames
    great!! I am also using innovative ideas for business promotions.
  8. ForYou
    I know you posted this years ago lol but I am just reading through this thread. How do you do this exactly?
  9. pure
    Staff Member
    The geek you have quoted hasn't been on the site for over 2 years I'm afraid.
  10. Alice Chase
    Hi all,

    I´d like to ask for your help and your honest opinion and I may have an answer for promoting your business!

    I was approached by a fellow colleague of mine recently who has a grand idea of building an online platform where we could showcase our portfolios. I am new to the Boston area, where I am currently working and I have been having difficulties getting noticed and obtaining consistent clients.

    Now, it seems like a lot of you take pictures of your work and share it but for me it´s especially important to do that to show my clients what I can do, whether is balayage or color correction. I have had some of my pictures stolen previously so now I make sure they are in a way distinct by a watermark on in squares with before and after altogether. My colleague and friend is working on a platform in a way kind of like Instagram or Facebook where your photos (that you took yourself) can be showcased to potential clients in your area. I thought it was actually useful as I find it difficult to promote myself through social media whilst maintaining control over my work. I have so many times been asked to replicate a style from Pinterest, something that is often severely edited and I just wish they have had a look at my portfolio first to see if it is something I am capable of doing.

    I feel like this is a problem for many but obviously I may be wrong. I have decided to help my friend so that he can help me. We made a quick questionnaire to see if the platform is worth our time and recourses.

    It does not contain any advertising or promotion of any kind. It is rather a way for us to decide what to concentrate on if we were to continue with the project. The project itself is aimed to help us as hairstylists connect with new clients and promote our work.
    We would really appreciate an honest opinion!
    Thank you!
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  11. surf girl
    If your already struggling is a new platform that no one knows about really a good thing?
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  12. Ali_d2003
    How does this work the package?
  13. Ali_d2003
    Hey did you ever set up a website? I have used weebly to set up mine its free.
  14. emsint
    I need to read this!
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  15. Ali_d2003
    This sounds like a great idea I might do this. I suppose I would wonder would teachers say yes though as it isn't really booksmart educational but its worth an ask
  16. Ali_d2003
    I was thinking about doing this like have a kind of event where people came and got champaign and a goody bag and a free make up lesson. I always doubt my make up skills though, Those young ones have way better skills than me lol.
  17. Ali_d2003
    what is kbgdeals?
  18. Ali_d2003
    what is kbgdeals?
  19. FlawlessBeauty
    Kbgdeals was like Groupon. I'm not sure if it's still going or not x
  20. redlottie13
    Hi guys I have just started reading from the start and can't thank you all enough for your contribution! I was really feeling quite defeated.... not now I have 3 A4 pages of ideas baby!

    I did want to ask one question though: (I apologise if this has been asked) I love the idea of prize draws and raffles. But what do I charge the clubs and organisations? Or do I give them for free? If so what would I give ( I'm a hair stylist ).... And would anyone really come back after just a blow dry? I struggle with the freeloaders who have no intention of coming back!
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