My First Full Appointment Week.......


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Jan 8, 2004
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South Yorkshire
I am soooooooooooo chuffed !!!
For the first time since I began my own business in February renting a space for 3 days per week, I have a full diary this week !!!!!
It just goes to show the difference a couple of weeks can make..........then I was getting myself all depressed cos I wasn't busy. Now my poor files and brush r gonna be smoking !!!!
Oh the joys of being self employed.
:D :D :D :D :D :D
wow congrats! very happy for you enjoy your week!!!
Way to go Debs....thats great news!
Im really pleased for you!
I remember getting my first fully booked week was sooooo exciting!
Mind you......I do get weeks where I hardly see anyone so dont get despondant about that if it happens to you. I think in the early days its just a case of doing the best service you possible can and gaining your clients trust and understanding.
Its worked for me so far so heres hoping for many more "full" weeks for you!!!!
Well done love! Renting a space is often the way to go to get started and i may well have to bite the bullet and go for it!! Did you find it difficult to get someone to rent space to you for a part-time week?
Basically I wrote to all the local hair and beauty salons in my area who currently didn't have Nail Techs and told them a bit about myself and what I was looking for (amount prepared to pay and days I wanted to work). I must have sent about 30 letters and I actually had a v good response - c 10 salons replied !
Then I just went with the one I could see most potential with.
So far I'm loving it !
Go on, bite that don't want to be sayig "what if........" in 5 years time.
Good luck
Ohh Debs I'm so chuffed for you......

C U Soon...Lou
awwwww thanx babes !!!
You r all brill and in true oscar style " I would like to thank all of my Geek buddies for their desire and inspiration"
Ok ok it's a bit OTT but you catch my drift.
Lou - hope to see you soon.
Well done Debsidoo, it must feel great. I currently work from home and go mobile. I find at the mo it works for me as i have a 3 yr old to look after. When she starts going nursery more often then i will really start building my clientelle.

Heres to more full appointment books.:)
:biggrin: Well done Debbie!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunatley, I am still trying to get my first customer. It is quite disheartening but once I have a bit more confidence, I will be dragging them in off the street.

Good luck with it all - the only way is up!!!!!!!
Brill news and well done for hanging in there...............
Patience builds business............. So does great standards and even greater work !!!!!!
Good luck babe xxx
Debsidoo - well done - I'm new to all of this and haven't finished my qualifications yet, but just wanted to say you're an inspiration to all us newbie's - it's so good to know that it works out in the end! I'm just wondering how long ago you first got into nails and how long it took you to become commercially viable in terms of time etc. Any advice would be brilliant! Well done!!!!!!!
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