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Sep 6, 2003
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Hi i was wondering what brands you like as i am looking for a new brand to use in the salon and to retail to clients. I have used the same brand for a long time but they keep withdrawing popular strong colours and are replacing them with pastel shades. I am looking for a brand that covers the whole spectrum from strong to pastels.

Thank you in advance for you help in choosing my new brand.:)
I use mostly Creative polishes and a few OPI both are very good although Creative are my favourite. Others swear by China Glaze too. HTH:)
I like creative as it gives a nice coverage , but then again the only other brands I have used are cheaper so maybe you get what you pay for.
I have used both Creative and OPI and definitely prefer Creative.
I use (in order of preference) Creative enamels, OPI, Zoya and Mavala :D
I prefer these...... in order......OPI,China Glaze,Creative,Zoya,Essie
Creative and INM, hth

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