Nail wraps and top coat?


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Feb 15, 2005
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Hi Guys
I have been searching the threads to find an answer to this. I use L&P and the whole world of gel and gel polishes is new to me. I recently trained in Entity and in my kit I got a UV topcoat.

Anyhowwwww, I have been trying out nail wraps. So far I have tried Kooky and also Millenium. The Kooky ones I have applied on fingernails and they lasted about 4 days before looking shabby. I followed the correct prep, (prepped the same as if i was going to apply a set of acrylics). After I did the set, I also applied a layer of air dry top coat.

Now I know I should have got longer out of them. What I am interested from finding out from you geeks is - do you use a top coat and if so do you use a normal top coat, a UV top coat or a gel top coat? Do you think if I applied the UV topcoat I got in my kit that this would give the wraps more longevity? Do I need to buy a special gel topcoat? like the ones you use on the gel polish systems?

I know they dont last as long on fingers as they do toes but I was hoping that they would have lasted longer than they did. The ones pictured are the Kooky ones.

I will attach a photo.

Thanks in advance.


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Well I only use minx I alway put a top coat ( shellac) on fingers I got 3 weeks on my own nails. On toes I put a top if they are going abroad on holiday because of the heat and sun creams etc xxx
I use a few brands. Minx, Lynx & Chix. I do not top coat and still get 2 weeks on fingers.

If they are applied correctly with the free edge sealed and propper aftercare is followed then I feel there is no need for a top coat at all.

Definatley no top coat on toes as they last extreemly well without it and the ease of removal would be affected if you top coated too.

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