New trend - duck feet shaped nails


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May 10, 2011
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Tampa, Florida
don't like them myself but he ho.... if some one has cold hard cash in their hands ...................................who am i to judge!

on second thoughts... they are fab!! lol:lick:
Oh my lord!

To each their own but, as the very unfortunate owner of some stupid, ski-slope toenails, I long for normal tootsies. Plus they look, well... minging :lol:
I saw this too in the Daily Mail today - personally I think they are gross! :)
Hell no! Dislike alot! Although could be good in the summer for fanning yourself l!
loved the stiletto and edge variations of nail shapes...but this one just not doing it for me. I'll have to take a pass on this trend!
Not the first time I've seen this shape dubbed 'the latest trend' and I doubt it'd ever take off here in the UK, they appear to be completely impractical and downright ugly :D

But each to their own :D
Eww, gross! No, do not like. I can't imagine doing them or having them.
No way, on God's green earth!

Sam, where is the puke emoticon when you need it. ;)
A wee bridge to far... Or nail too scary ... Defo not for me.
Just found this:


There are no words.
OMG I hope that fad doesnt come to the UK ! They are 'erm; not such a good look... Even I draw the line at these .... :irked:
In California where I love it is the hottest trend. They are just crazy. I will upload some picture. The designs they do are amazing but the shape is just crazy
Would be great for Olympic swimmers or if you were ever up #%*! creek you would always have a paddle :)
Vicki xx
Live not love. Darn phone.
I'll find some better ones in a min.


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No chance of picking your nose with these!

Not to my liking I'm afraid

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