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Jul 13, 2007
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Hi everyone, I'm new to salon geek, still a student (nails and beauty), and just started work in a salon.

Anyway, last week was flat out doing pedi's, and had two clients with rough, whitish, ridgy toenails. I've learn't my contras at school, but this wasn't covered. I know enough to say it didn't look like any type of fungus, but I have no idea what causes this.

They both told me it was a stain from wearing nail polish (it so wasn't), it looked like it could have been a nail trauma, but they insisted they hadn't kicked their toes or anything.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas, sorry if you don't really know what I mean, kind of hard to describe.
It usually is when client change their polish frequently which depletes the nail of natural oils, if you buff some oil into the nail then you should see a difference. Always recommend that your clients rub oil into their toenails aswell as fingernails.
The whitish stain could actually be from wearing nail enamel, I've come across it a few times. It's classed as pseudo leukonychia and is where the top layers of nail become very dry due to poor quality enamel or changing frequently and using a poor enamel remover which is very drying.

I've also found ridging to be very common on the big toe, especially with older clients.

Ok, thanks guys, I will try buffing with oil next time. Just shows that what they teach you at school isn't always spot on.
Quick question to throw in here...

If you buff the nail with oil, will that affect the application of the polish? Or do you squeak the nail with dehydrator, which will then take off the oil anyway?

Just a bit confused!
You would need to remove any excess oil with product like scrub fresh but some of the oil will have absorbed into the nail plate so they would still be better than they were before.
I see, thank you very much.