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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee ka

When you use nipper cutical for manicure pedicure what do you use for sterile nipper and do you do after every customer .

And i buy cutical cream sofetener remover and i have two lady come my shop yesterday england speak me vasaline better and beauty salon in england use vasiline i b4 in auntie shop use vasline but i think lady farang think this profesional to use nail product now i not sure .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Hi Mui

For sterilising all my cuticle pushers, knife, nippers, scissors I use Barbicide. The tools go into the solution before I start the manicure or pedicure and are in there any time they are not being used during the treatment.

Kop khun ka karen

Very good idea and i will go look in phamacy see if i can buy barbicide .

After you take from barbicide do you make dry with small towel and maybe do you wash in water and after dry before you use or not .

Kop khun ka mui
Mui, when the tools come out of the Barbicide I dab them on a towel or a clean tissue to soak off the excess.


PS .......... I think I need a Thai dictionary :D
Sawasdee ka Hello /Hi

My sister ask phamacy and no have barbicide them speak alcohol i look for barbicide another lady .

Kop khun ka Thank you D
also look for chlori-spray mui, this is a hospital grade disinfectant.
spray tools & abrasives before you start,
when finished treatment wash tools with soap & water, then spray with chlori-spray, leave to dry on tissue for short while,
then put them away ( i use a leather tool case from designer nails).
when you look for chlori-spray, ask what dentists/ hospitals use to clean their hard surfaces. try talking to a medical supplier?
good luck
liza xx
Sawasdee ka

Very good idea i have 1 lady friend have phamacy she can buy for me for sure after i close shop i go eat some noodles and her shop near i go order .

I tell you tomorrow if have or not .

Kop khun ka mui
sawasdee ka

I go phamacy and them speak isopropyl alcohol 70 percent and i go speak man dentist tomorrow who make new teeth for me ka and phamcy speak them can order barbicide and choryl spray for my shop if i want but first i speak many friend and speak if have sister work hospital and can speak what them use Thailand .

Kop khun ka mui ka
You can put nipper and metal tools, into large metal pan covered with water and boil the water leave lid on untill ready to use tools this will sterlize them also.
Hiya Lesley,
Doesnt the boiling method 'take the edge' off tools?
I was taught that it does - can anyone clarify for me!
It is not necessary to sterilize tools by boiling unless you have got body fluid (blood or lymph) on the tools.


Disinfect by washing the implement and then immersing in Barbicide (for at least 10 minutes) or by spraying with chlorispray (a 70% IPA medical solution) and also leaving for at least 10 minutes. If using Barbicide, the instructions do state to rinse the implement before using. This is not necessary with Chlorispray.

All tools will dull over time whether or not you boil or use a disinfecting solution. There is no such thing as a tool that stays ever-sharp.
I have been using milton for the time being, this is what my tutor at college told me to use. But all my nippers and tools, even the ones that say stainless steel, are rusting!! I try and dry them as much as i can, but they still seem to rust!! any ideas??
but they still seem to rust!! any ideas??

We find this a lot if you leave your tools soaking for prolonged periods. We use a sterilizing spray and we never leave our tools soaking for longer than 1 hour. You have to dry them really throughly or they will rust. Personally i find the sprays and wipes the best. You can spray were you need to.
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