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Aug 26, 2010
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Hello im 17 and i have just finished NVQ lev 1 and will be going on to NVQ lev 2 soon (soo excited:)) but the thing is i have no experience in a hair salon, only 2 weeks i had in toni&guy(and thats not enough!!).my friend has lev1 2 and 3 and she cant get a job anywhere because she has no experience,and i really dont want to be stuck in that situation.....:eek: sooo there is a lady i know she owns a hair salon and she said she will give me a job 2days a week and she will also train me aswell hopefully i will be doing this through my lev2 and 3 ....... do you think that this is good experience and will help my chances of getting a job when i leave college ? :) xxx Please tell the truth ,, i apprecciate your answers xxxxx:hug:
yes it will definately help your chances, i only employ stylists who have trained to level 3 standard in a salon and done a year on the floor junior styling!:)
ok then ..i will be taking the job :)
Thanks for your help xx

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