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Feb 17, 2009
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Shrewsbury, Shropshire
I have just had a call from a new client asking if i can fit her in tonight as she has been let down by a salon. I told her i need to see if i can arrange babysitter, but the real reason is that i dont get asked to do them much now and when i put some on my 20 year old daughter they always lift. I did a set 2 weeks ago for a 16year olds school prom and have heard anything back. But this potential new client sounds more mature (40ish) and so could be a regular. I was tempted to tell that dont do very often and need practise and to charge her less, but i only charge £25 anyway.
What should i do. Please someone help.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
If you don't do them you can't get them right hon,
what do you think is causing your lifting? If you address that now today read up on it here and then go to her tonight with a possitive aturtude you may suprise your self :)
doesnt help you right now but CND do a course in life prevention?

also have a look at the video. tons of tutorials on their, i found their application one very helpful as lifting is an occasional problem i have too!
doesnt help you right now but CND do a course in life prevention?


this reallly tickled me! I just started giggling in the play gound some of the mums looked at me lol x

Good advice though , cnd now have a YouTube channle loads of info ! X
oppps lift prevention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh dear just spat my lemonade out all over my lap top...
Way too funny :lol:

Think we could all do with some life prevention lol xx :hug:
There may be something about your daughters nails that causes lifting. I often get lifting, whoever does my nails. So it might be my nails, not the techs. Just a thought anyway.

I would do them! She may want them just for an occasion. If she were a regular, the salon might not have let her down and if they had, she may have been able to wait for another appt. On the other hand, if she has an occasion tomorrow, she needs them doing and may not care if they don't last. Just a thought :hug:
Thanks everyone for your advice. I had decided not to do it, but after seeing all the messages, thought "sort yourself out girl" so am going round tonight at 8. I know they will look good tonight just fingers crossed they last.
I think it was the LIFE prevention that did it for me.
Thanks all.
Yay x Good Luck x Let us know how you get on xxx :)
I am never gonna live that one down.......
I am not sure if this will help but a friend of mine is a MAJOR lifter so I tried a bonding agent by TEN it's called linkage I use that and do her nailbed in gel and the rest in l&p we have maybe a finger or two that just gets lifting in the corner. Doing her nails this way has been the only way she has been able to keep nails on more than a week.
I would do them at your full price and to give you some confidence read anything that you can find from the search box about lifting issues and put into practice a lot of the hints and tips. You may find that you do your best ever set :)
Well i got there at 8.10pm and left abt 10.45, with setting up, clearing away, break to make a coffee and getting her kids to round up the chickens, duskc, tortoise's...... I didnt think time was too bad, as i dont do them very often now they take longer. It turns out she used to have nails done at a local NSS, she'd had a break from them for months and decided to have them done again, she was really pleased with the look of them. I had trouble with one of the nails, and just told her to contact me if any probs with it. Fingers crossed if all goes well she wants me back in 2 weeks for rebalance, i'm hoping to get her away from the tips and will do pink and white, so will have to brush up on my smile line's now aswell.
I really love doing acrylic ( i didn't train in gel's) so it would be nice to be able to keep it up after all the money i put into it. I currently do OPI Absolute, would love to do a conversion and other training witn CND but unless i can guarantee the business to get my money back then i just cant afford it at the mo. I do mostly waxing and beauty treatments, but as i said i do really enjoy the acrylics. I am a bit of a perfectionist- hense my conscern about this client. But fingers crossed i will be back there in 2 weeks.
Oh good on you Jeanie,

I know how you feel. But I ensure I prepare the nail bed well. I do reverse with forms. So do the Pink Acrylic xxx Pink first and concentrate on putting the bead about 3 weeks growth away from the cuticle to give me enough room to press the acrylic flush against the natural nails. Then check the smile line and then lastly the white.

I did a course with Young Nails learning how to do acrylic this way.
And I find it much quicker and easier to do. And the smile line is so sharp.

Now im experimenting with their coloured monomers. So gives the clear acrylic a colour but see through. Its fun. Then you can press branding tools into the tip before it sets. But in another colour to make the pattern stand out. Its fun - perhaps try at some stage.

I learn alot from their website

Thanks Funky Nails - happy nailing!!!!!
Good on u for doing them and not shying away, this is the only way you will get better at them!
Good luck hope they last and you will have regular custom from this lady x

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