Now i have train nail new.


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

If you not see me start not post little bit is because i now in 3 days more go to maylasia kl i have now for train with ezflow master artist educator .

I have Antony speak big boss America and them speak i can go learn with erin in maylasia and them email me and i speak telephone and i can go for sure .

I will photo many and put on my web site when i Thailand later and them speak i can do nail and have an other educator look my work and maybe if i very very good work can have certificate .

This now for maylasia train and if every thing good high season i go japan look nail every thing take photo many you can look because can have aroplane japan not exspensive and maybe vietnam look every thing nail for maylasia aroplane is 1820 baht about 25 england money not exspensive i have 1500 for make i set of nail.

Every thing good in Thailand for sure .

Mui from Thailand
good luck mui, i hope you enjoy every minuite of it

antony :)
Best of luck Mui :)
You will be able to give us some tips :lol:
antnbuckley said:
good luck mui, i hope you enjoy every minuite of it

antony :)
Sawasdee ka Thank you

I will for very sure .

Mui from Thailand
Have a good time Mui and let us know how it goes ;)
have a really good time mui,keep safe, and bring us all back lots of info and ideas. maybe you will do some coloured acrylics you will love them.xx
Have a really great time! I have done some training with EzFlow and it was fab so I bet you'll love it too! Especially the Boogie Nights! Im jealous, I'm stuck in PE and History! Nails? ... PE? :confused: Hmmm!
Make sure you have fun, love kat x :)
The Nail Geek said:
Have a good time Mui and let us know how it goes ;)

How wonderfull...........
Please take lots of pictures and share them with us please. I am so happy for you.........Have a wonderfull time !!!!!!!!!
Hi Mui,
It all sounds soooooo exciting!
Like everyone else I wish you luck and love .... I'm sure you'll have a faberoony time!
Cant wait to hear all about it when you get back, xx
Good Luck Mui have a great time :)
Mui you lucky thing have a really great time we will miss you while your gone but look forward to seeing all your fab pics :biggrin:
Have Mui - Knock 'em dead!!! ;)
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