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May 9, 2010
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South Wales UK

Myself and another NSI user recently posted in the NSI group looking for some advice on the colours that are offered by NSI but had no replies.

We are both finding difficulty when ordering the coloured gel as its impossible to tell whether the colour will be semi translucent or opaque until you use it. If poss we would like any other NSI geeks or, even better, someone from NSI themselves to provide a list of the colours stating whether or not the are opaque. I am about to make an order and will be needing a bright orange/coral colour so any advice asap on which one to go for would be great.
Myself and my clients always prefer the fully opaque colours... Thanks guys...
Surely it would be quicker to phone them, it's a free phone number. Then you can get a list of what's what.

Sometimes it's better coming from the horses mouth :) x
Hey, I have tried ringing NSI direct but they gave me a list of 4 colours which they consider to be translucent yet I have found the same with may more of the colours. So just thought I may get a more realistic idea from the people who are using the colours everyday. Thanks tho...xxx
We have a huge range of coloured gels - both full covering ones some translucent ones.

There is a colour chart online but like anything to do with colour, it is near on impossible to get them to look the saem on a pc or in print form.

Our new colour chart has just arrived - please call or email if you would like one.

Gina x
Hey Sorry are you from NSI or NCO? Im after NSI products...x
I am from NCO but we have coloured gels as well, so thought it might help if you are having probs trying to get the colours you want from NSI

Gina x
can i ask what your definition of opaque is? do you class an opaque gel to give full coverage with one coat or more? as gels need more than one coat
soft red
basic red
hot pink
best dressed
hot pink
basics blue
plum purple
purple haze
basics yellow
are just some of the one that i have used that i can think of at the moment and these are opaque but having said that you will still need to apply them in 2 or maybe even 3 thin layers to get good coverage as this way you get the best results

white shimmer
are some of the ones i have that are transparent
i dont think ive ever found a gel that gives full coverage with just one coat
hope this helps abit
[QUOTE LEFT AT NSI LOVERS SITE} 31-08-10 10:19 PM - permalinkPooh8bear

Quote Gorgeousnails:
thanks for your reply, i have rasberry, merlot and root beer float. Its the merlot that doesn't cover very well, the rasberry does and haven't tried the other one yet.

My reply:
I would say Root Beer, & Meriot (havent got Merlot) are translucent(see through)& to some degree Raspberry.
I do remember asking when I bought my colours which were Opaque(solid) & which were Translucent(see through). They didn't seem to know, which I found really strange!
I have 35 (just gone & counted,can't believe I bought that many)
I would say;
Noir, Caution, Vamp, Wisteria ,Basic Purple, Concord, Starry Night ,Blueberry,Jean Jacket, X-Treme White, Hot Pink, Sangria, Basic Brown, Hot Sauce.

Semi Translucent/Translusent-
Root Beer Float, Kelly, Fucshia, Meriot, Cherry Red, Candy Apple, Basic Red, Soft Red, Basic Blue, Silver Spoon, Platinum, Blush Pink, Peach Pink, Cotton Candy, Silk Pink, Violet Glitter, White Glitter, White Shimmer, Mocha Latte, Red Orange

Don't despair, as the semi translucent/translusent work really well if you layer with them.
You can also mix together- so mix 2 opaque colours together you get opaque
Mix opaque & translucent you get semi translucent
Mix 2 translucent you get translucent...endless combinations!

1x Sangria under 1x Raspberry

or..1x Noir under 1x Silk Pink- you get shimmery purple

My favourite for toes mixed all together
1part Kelly,1part Blueberry 1part Silk Pink+ Opal Shimmer, that looks amazing.

Hope this help. Shame, if you lived closer you could have come round, I have over 100 colour combinations & that's just in NSI Balance!
Good luck playing
Yes, I see your point.
I have also phoned & spoken to NSI & they don't seem to have any idea which are Opaque (solid) Semi Translucent or Translucent (see through)
Ive also left questions on the NSI group site but get better response on Nail Geek site.
No response to my Illusion query before going to Olympia either.

I have lost patience with them now so ended up going with Nail Harmony who do a soak off called Gelish instead..... WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Georgie & Jason are really quick to respond to any query & nothing is too much trouble.
Pleasure to deal with.HTH

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