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Nails At The Hat Hire Company

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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
oh dear - antother thing i cant get right!!!! :( :( :(
got my fabric kit yesterday.. looks great. read through all the posts and sounds great....
first when i sprayed on the activator it 'burnt' (it was on myself two nails - overlays)
then when i had finnished i could see the fibreglass (used to using silk - maybe that is why) is thay normal!!!
thirdly do creative sell the precut (im getting in a pickle with the cutting it to match perfectly bit!!) silk and or fibreglass.
thanks again
Hi ya Thehandsanctuary
Well lets see if we can't sort this out lol..................

Ok firstly activator will only create a heat sensation when it is applied to close, you only need a light spray, when all ten fingers are build(resin2), turn the hand upside down, curl your fingers slightly, DEAD SPIDER SYNDROME, and just mist each hand once,do this at arms length. No burning as the resin to activatior ratio is correct.

You do not activate bond(resin1)...it's a thin resin and drys in seconds

Secondly Fibreglass showing through,
ok Fibreglass will only show through if the mesh hasn't been saturated enough with resin. You must remember to use the bond (resin1)for this, thinner resin =greater saturation=clearer fibreglass. There is no rule saying you can't use the bond 2x. I use it 2x and have great results.............

Then build(resin2) 2x then activate , gently file around the edges to make shure all material is nice and flush and no stickey uppey bits lol.

Then boost 2-3 times , buff it nice and smooth and finish the usual way......

Well Hun you only started using a new system yesterday and it all takes time to get used to....................

Fibreglass cutting seems fiddley and erksome, but...................
Practice makes perfect....................

I cut to shape the material, wether it is fibreglass or Silk, when it is actually on the nail, and then cut the corners at the cuticle end .Cut it to the length required, then run the scissors like a train on rails along the lateral nail fold and cut the material up to where the cut off corner meets the nailfold , you will get the right margin this way...........

Ahhh you might say.....she is touching it with her fingers.......well yes I do but and there is always a but, only just enough to lift it of the backing paper and to place it on the nail.................and then the bit i have actually touched is one of the corners at the cuticle end and that gets cut of anyhow....Then use a bit of the backing paper and press the fibreglass down, no need to rub it in lol, just a light press does the trick, rubbing the fibreglass may cause the edges to fray....................

Well Hun give it a shot and I bet it will look fab................

Love Ruth xxx
Just as an add on to Ruth’s great post...

Make sure you do not use the Blast (spray) on Build (#3... the thick resin)... Unless of course you really desire to see your clients go through the roof spouting off interesting verbs and adjectives ;)

Using Blast (spray) on Build will super shock cure it and burn like a warm day in hell. Make sure you use the brush on for Boost.

:D thanks ruth and the gek ill give all your pointers a try. dont feel out on a raft in the sea so much anymore lol :squish:
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