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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
The Salon??!! On ch4 at 6.00 tonight?? This nail model came into the salon with 4 AND A HALF INCH NAILS!!!!! OOHHHH MY GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! They were real aswell I think...they were very curled over like natural nails do when they grow out long....
...im gobsmacked!!! :o

Didn't see that one but did anyone watch Essex Wives last week they had the FEMME FATEL nail shop on
... I saw it!! ;) What did you think??
I thought those nails were WAY too long...very vulgar!!! Even if they were adorned with the most amazing nail art...they'd still look yuk!! There has to be a limit on nail lengths!!

Essex *innit* wives... :rolleyes:...WHERE did they find those people?!! I live in Essex...what a crying shame :oops: :oops: LOL!! Its an embrassment to this county!!

xx layla xx
:D :D :D Well where did they get those wifes from??
My best friends live in Loughton and Buckhurst Hill. Yes they are blond, but thats as far as it goes.
But then again none of my friends are stay at home girls, they all go to work and run a home, look after Hubby and children and work very hard.
But I suppose that wouldn't make good TV. I must admit it did make me giggle :!:
Love Ruth x :D x
the first thing i thought about FEMME FATEL was that i would love to go there and get my nails done what a fun shop you would always have a giggle in there. What did you think to it and are you going to watch it tonight ?????

:D :D :D
I stopped to watch the part where they had their nails down *serious concentrating going on then* and turned it over!!
i have just put THE SALON on to have a look i will let you know later laystar
looks fun though at the moment some bikini waxing going on Ouch !!! lol

So is this SALON prog. good then or what? what night and channel is it on? I dont get to see much tv but this sounds like it might be worth watching.Seen Essex wives though -that was something else :D !
Hi Gloria,

The Salon is on every night at 6pm on Channel 4. It is also on live from 10 am on E4.

In my opinion it is awful!
lol i LOVE it!!

I just get excited whenever someone is doing nails on it!! LOL!!
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