OK you nail geeks, what's your opinion on this...


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Which one do YOU LOVE the best....

  • I love liquid & powder enhancements best

    Votes: 62 61.4%
  • I love Gel nails best

    Votes: 28 27.7%
  • I love Fibreglass and silk wraps - best

    Votes: 11 10.9%

  • Total voters
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Hi Fiona,I didnt think the college course I did was very good but, at least they wouldnt let you on an enhancements course without first having done the manicure class which I totally agree with.Until I went into nails I'd never had enhancements myself.I've always had good strong and long nails and it was other peoples interest in them - constantly asking if they were false -that drew me towards a career in nails.I too think its a shame that the natural approach to nails isnt favoured more. Seems girls are'nt really interested in knowing how to care for their own nails only whether you can make it look as if they do!
As a novice I'm trying to learn one system at a time. I'm currently using a soak-off gel and mostly do french with it, I am building up my collection of coloured gels (very slowly) so that I can practice some of the nail-art I've seen done with it.I used fibre-glass at college and found it a bit fussy to use,I didnt like the spray-on activator either.This new Fabric thing has caught my attention though! Eventuallly I definately want to do acrylic, I dont know why but between techs it appears to be seen as 'the real system' -from my novice view point anyway!I've seen the Geek work at shows and had one of my nails done by Antony Buckley - they are both people I really aspire to. I have a hell of a long way to go but its wonderful to be able to chat to the Geek and the other pro's here - makes me feel less isolated and you guys seem more 'real' ........if that makes sense.
I often feel slightly miffed when everyone talks about only 3 nail systems - in my opinion the natural nail system is as important as the others.

I wanted to have a business doing natural nail care only but everyone has been brainwashed into thinking that they can do nothing about their natural nails - except put enhancements on them. Given time and a good home care routine you can have beautiful hard wearing natural nails.

This in my opinion leads to problems within the nail industry in terms of poor training - a lot of nail technicians dont even know how to do a basic manicure. I think that it should be made mandatory that you can not do a nail enhancement course without first doing a manicure course. I spent 4 months learning all about the skin, the bones and muscles of the hand, arms, feet and legs and also about massage techniques.

Something to think about?

Mrs Geek

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Jan 11, 2003
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As we all know, there a 3 main nail systems; liquid & powder, fibreglass (silk or fibre) and gels... many salons in the UK are 'full service' meaning they use all 3 systems to service their various clients. Overall though and especially in the UK, liquid & powder rules over the other 2 sytems. In Germany, Gels tend to rule (many gel systems are manufactured in Germany) and Fibreglass.... well what is the main opinion of the board on Fibreglass...
Why do you use it?
Why do you love it?
Why do you hate it?

:rolleyes: :D :?
.... no offence meant by not including natural nails :( I think that most people will agree that 'natural nails' are very important (far more people have natural nails in the world, than enhanced) :!: I raised this issue if you like for the nail teks as opposed to natural nail manicurists. I too agree with you regarding learning 'how to' manicure. This is included on the Foundation Course but we do not go into bone structure, skin etc - there is a seperate NN course for that. Most girls have made up their minds when they book the Four Day FC that 'enhancements' is what they want to learn.
Anyway pleased don't be 'miffed' - I adore SpaManicure which is our natural nail manicure line and understand well how important they are; I guess that Natural Nail care is not seen as a system but as a service where as enhancements are seen as a service using different systems :rolleyes: if that makes sense :? ;)
Hi all, :D
My favorite tends to be Silk and Fibreglass a close second.
I can do almost all the things with Silk and Fibreglass, that you can do with Acrylic. I sculpt, I do repairs, I infill, I build arches and so on. If a client requires pink and whites then i must admit I use Acrylic Powders in pink and white and dip them (resin and Powder over Silk) I have been doing this before they came out with the Dipping method :D should have patented it. :evil:
I am working on a how to sheet, like a step by step thingy. :idea:
Here is a piccie of some Silk Sculpts. Hope you like them... 8)
Nailsinlondon said:
Hope you like them... 8)

I think those look absolutely gorgeous!! ;)
:shock: :? it sounds all so complicated! How is my lil candyfloss brain gona keep up with this all?!!!!

i have to say that i am a L & P girl myself i do use gel now and then but most of my clients like the acrylic look. Have not used fiberglass but am sending for the new fabric kit next week because it looks and sounds brilliant in the nails magazine, and i'm a devil for buying new products !!! lol

Mrs Geek can you tell me if you will be doing a training class for the fabric system ?

:D :D
I voted for gel nails because I do gels, but I do like L&P as well.
I do gels because there is no smell to the product and they are easier to file for backfills.
But L&P is an awesome system too. I wish they came out with monomer that doesn't stink so bad. I know, I know they have odourless...but they are not the same....
Here I am with a dumb question again...
When you wrote

"This is included on the Foundation Course but we do not go into bone structure, skin etc - there is a seperate NN course for that. Most girls have made up their minds when they book the Four Day FC that 'enhancements' is what they want to learn. "

Do you mean that in the UK you can choose to learn only enhancements and then work on people? Do they already have a nail tech. license before they take your 4 day course? Surely they cannot work on a persons nails without understanding natural nail care? They must know about the nail, finger and hand anatomy before they can be licensed?

Just wondering, I am sure I misunderstood.
well, what can I say! The UK has NO liscencing laws at all so ANYONE can be a nail tek with no training. This goes back to past 'posts' on 'buying pro products over the counter'! Right now 'Mrs Smith the housewife', can walk in to Sallys, buy OPI or Star and go out and do nails with NO training whatsoever... that is why I took such a strong stance on the 'selling to the non-pro' line. We have from the beginning made it manditory that if someone wants to use CND, they have to do proper training - we have all different courses and last year we set up the 'Creative, Completely Covered Course' which started from the beiginning and took a tek right through to Masters including Natural Nail Anatomy. There is no law so-to-speak that says a nail tek has to have done Nat Nail Anat to become a nail tek.. that's just how it is. Good grief, if they can sell to anyone thay are not going to bother with that!!

We have spent years trying (and we are still trying) to change these laws but I suppose our situation is totally insignificant compared to what else is going on in the world... Iraq etc etc :(
crazy'n'creative said:
Mrs Geek can you tell me if you will be doing a training class for the fabric system ?:D :D

We will definitely be doing Fabric Training Classes, but not me personally. It has been a long time since I did nail enhancements :( with what I do, I physically don't have time although I do attend all trainings including helping with Creative Institute and Regionals so this keeps me always abreast of anything new which is great!

I think I could still do 1 great nail but I'm sure a full-set would take me about 3 hours!!! ;)
Wow I had no idea. I cannot even imagine the mess that must create. Anyone can open a shop and say that they do nails? That is just beyond belief. I think the training requirements here are pathetic...but no licensing at all. That is scary.
I think you are correct to take such a firm stand about selling over the counter.(from past posts) You have to attempt to differentiate between someone who has at least taken a 4 day class and Mrs. Smith the housewife.
I like this UK message board...I keep learning all kinds of new things. Now I know what a chemist is, etc, etc...lol
some other trivia for you... :? you can actually be a mobile hairdresser here with absolute NO training too!! :twisted: They started a 'type' of nails liscencing in the London area, probably 'nailsinlondon' 1or 2 could give you more of an insight but I think it is the Westminster Borough that have made it manditory... this means that any working tek must have an NVQ. This is short for 'National Vocational Qualification'; although this is Government Recognised, many college teachers do not 'do' nails or have ever been teks which means that students more-often-than-not come out of college not knowing how to do decent nails (this often makes them blame the products as opposed to their trainer; these young girls would naturally assume that their trainer would know what she was doing! - this is also why CND do not appear in many colleges, unless we know the trainer is or was a pro tek!) We do have some fabulous college trainers out there but we wish there were more! What constitutes a 'decent' trainer in the US :?: :?:
:D Hi tere,
As I rent a space in two shops and work as a indepentend trader within a Shop ,I had to, Register with the City of London Council, as a trader and submit any Certificates and Diplomas I have. I also had to show my insurance certificate in order to get my traders license. So in a manner of speaking I am licensed. If you want to work in the Westminster Council area you need to have either a NVQ3 or show that you have registered to take the NVQ. Also show your other Diplomas and Insurance Certificate.
Within my area the City(square mile) I also have Health and Saftey do spot checks to make sure that all regulations are kept. Flamables stored correctly, Fumes not at a dangerous level, air exchange suitable for the chemicals i use and above all that my work station is clean and of no hazzard to the public.
That's only because i registerd openly. There are loads of Techs here that dont bother and dont compley. But thats life at the moment. if they dont know your'e there, they dont check you out.
As I was serious in establishing a reputable business i compleyd and happy to say that we are now in our 8th year here in the city. touch wood never had any problems with the local offices or Health and Saftey.
Sorry this post is a bit long , but not as long as the forms i had to fill in in order to get here. :D
Love Ruth xxx
Hi all, On the subject of training I have to say up to now I've been pretty disappointed with the standards I've encuntered. :( Last summer I came out of college with three certificates; manicure,nail enhancements,and nail art and yet I felt I knew little more than when I'd begun.I think the teachers themselves should be made to update their own knowledge once in a while.It was obvious to me when I saw the enhancements worn by my teacher (that she'd done herself) that she was in dire need of re-training herself and absolutely no recommendation for the system she used and told us she'd trained in years ago. However, a girl I've spoken to on another board went to a different college not too far away from mine and it seems she covered a whole range of things I didnt and completed her course entirely satisfied.I feel short-changed :( My partner wants to know why I wont give up a job I hate and just 'go for it' with nails.All he can see is that I've 'had the training' -if only I felt like I had :(
So it does sound as if you are licensed to do business. That is good. You sound very responsible. Too bad alot of people are not like you. What sort of diplomas or certificates did you turn in? Did you train with Creative?
Here in the US there is a certain amount of hours that you must attend at a recognized beauty college for training. For instance in Hawaii it is 350 hours. Some states are lower some are higher. Then you take a test that the state gives you and then you recieve a license with a number on it. And of course you must have this license in order to open a salon. Also if I need to order supplies I have to show my license.
You would think this would guarantee a certain level of training. But unfortunatly it does not and there are many vietnamese shops where there can be quite a few people working with hardly a license between them.
Interesting to learn how things are done in other places...
... you'll be interested to know, (maybe you do) but I think Utah (home of the Geek) is still an 'unliscenced' state (at least it was) :!: and it was only a couple of years ago that NY became a liscenced state. We too have many 'Vietnamese' style nail salons opening especially in the east London / Essex area! They even put posters advertising known and established brands but use MMA style products (all products unlabeled etc). the un-assuming public has no idea what damage some of these salons can do and hardly any of the girls are trained!! :(
Yeah they are licensed now. I think there was always licensing for hair but not a seperate license for nails. I know cosmotologists from Utah that were taught nails in school right along with hair and esthetics. So I am not sure how that worked...maybe there was just not a license for nails only. That is wacky...
Never having lived in a state that was like that..I cannot imagine what a mess it would be.
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