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Oct 24, 2003
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Well i waited and waited but i haven't been sent MY ticket for olympia...they sent one for my daughter at my business name but never sent mine...boo hoo
Others have recieved a discount book too...but not me...i dont understand it!

Just wondering if i can use my daughters ticket?
I have got a professional beauty gold card....do i get in with that?
Has anyone else got a gold card? I dont know why they sent me one or what i can use it for...although saying that i have just read on the back it says VIP entry to uk's leading exhibitions in London and Manchester...do you think this is all i need to take with me...i would hate to get turned away...eeek!
the gold card will get you into the VIP lounge, here you will get free tea , coffee , water and biscuits, if you are very lucky you will also get a chair to sit on, if not never mind there should be a lovely clean carpet to plonk your bottom (and all those bags with items you've bought)
You should also be able to get in 30 minutes earlier than everyone else with your gold card...........at least thats what I was told last year after I asked about 4 people first where the queue was for goldcard holders, cos apparently a goldcard holder isn`t supposed to queue up. We`ll see what happens this year
Hi, How do you get a gold card then? Whats that all about? I got may tickets on Monday eventually and I was starting to panic, you should try phoning them perhaps.

Grace x
You get a gold card when you subscribe to professional beauty magazine
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