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Belle De Jour

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Apr 14, 2003
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Hi guys and gals
maybe someone can help i hope so !
my hairdresser has a tiny slither of hair which has become established under her nail plate ( her thumb) she has been digging around under there trying to get it out :shock: and when i saw it i gave her a through telling off and told her to leave it be as at the rate she is going her nail plate will becoming off the bed and hopefully i could get some good advice for her.
She would like to have extensions but i have put her off until we get this sorted and in the mean time i gave her a good manicure and supershineyed them and placed gems on her thumbs and little fingers. She was realy chuffed that i have managed to disguise it for her but problem is not yet solved how the hell is it going to get out? what will happen if it doesn't? has anyone else had to deal with something simular? will it become infected? does she need a doc :shock:
Geeg help luvey!!! :D
nickki jonesx
Are you sure it is a hair and not just a 'splinter haemorage' which can look very similar??

She certainly should stop digging!! Is it sore?

If it is a hair then it could become infected. How long has it been there?

It will work its way out in the end by itself, but should not be enhanced until it has or until it is established what it is!
When I first read this post I thought exactly what Geeg thought it was - 'a splinter haemorage'.

I had this same situation with a client who was a hairdresser and so she naturally assumed that it was hair underneath the nail plate. As I had been doing my NVQ I had become aware of the similarity between a hair and a splinter haemorage. Once we had established what it was I was able to treat in the correct way. It made me feel like I DID know something after all!!!!
Thanks geeg and kelly !
yep its def a hair i can see the end of it but wouldn't mess with it as if she can't get it out i doubt i would be able too!
she said it is sore but she thinks its because she has been trying to get it out. is there nothing i can do or any thing i can use to help draw it out?(i know you can use magnesium sulphate to help draw out splinters from skin but is this suitable for this situation? :? )
i would be interestsed to hear more about slinter haemorages if you wouldn't mind (still waiting for my books! hopefully they will be here before tues as i need them for holiday reading!)
thanks again then girls your both stars!! :D
The stylists at my salon complained about hair caught under their toe and finger nails all the time. Sometimes, it even takes root and starts to GROW. It can get infected. I wouldn't put any kind of enhancement on a nail with that problem; rather I'd refer them to their doctor.
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