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i love all the chatter that OPI's PAWLISH is making....as Mrs Geek said, OPI will likely make a mint on this. i hope no one takes it too serious. you'll likely be horrified when i tell you a local so calif. nail tech put bindie jewels above her dogs nose. the chuwawa creates quite the scene!!!

:rainbow: lmao!! You couldnt stop me anyway! Blah de blah blah!! ;) ;) ;)

LayStar said:
Yea...but its stoopid :( Silly people :( xxlaylaxx

Say what you think chicha - would never want you to hold back! :D
Yea...but its stoopid :( Silly people :(

Hi Brenda
No offence intended :D ...........as you say every one to there own!!!!!!
Its OPI I am cross at and I am sorry if I came over wrong I was just sooooooooooooo angry with them
Take care and give your doggy a hug from me.
Dawnie xxxx
I can understand some of the anger towards the painting of pets nails... But then again... I don’t see there being too great of harm in it if the animal isn't bothered.

You should see the lame stuff my mom does to her dog. It’s not cruel (maybe fashionably cruel)... the dog loves it... he’s a member of the family... He loves the extra attention he gets from my mom doting on him.

As for the line itself... I think it'll go to the dogs :?

And hey... at least they are using a professional line ;)
Here!, here! Jennie, you hit the nail on the head with that last one......EEWWW Did I really just say that !! :oops:
WHEEEWWW!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks OPI has gone mad :twisted: I love doggies soooo much and thats fine if people want to do that to their pets, but it is crazy for OPI trying to capitalize on animal lovers. They should leave that to Iams or Science Diet.
I didn't know this would open a can of worms! People here take their dogs to be groomed and the groomers polish toes, put in bows and some even use dog perfume and cologne. Everyone is different huh!!
But I do want you to know my daughter also does this with her dolls. I spent lots of time in NYC when I was a young, beautiful, singer/dancer/actress and you all would probobly be aghast at how many dogs are "spruced up" and walking the streets with their owners or pro. dog walkers. Now, our dog Goldie actually hands my daughter her paw and enjoys the pampering, grapes and beauty routine. Goldens smile when they are happy. Our vet has her pix hung up. She is quite the celebrity dog! We treat her as a member of the family. She loves to be like her "Mother" (my daughter) and I. We love brushing our long hair, her long hair & getting all dolled up. To you all it may seem like abuse but we love our Goldilocks and she is able to feel our spirits and we hers. I guess this can be chalked up to an ole saying: "Opinions are like noses, most everybody has one." (Oh, and our vet said it does not hurt her in anyway to have her paws polished once a season. If it did, I would not have allowed it.)

Different strokes for diff folks. Hope I can still post here. I better get my flame retardent suit-huh?

at what people do to make themselves look good and now their dogs! When I was in NYC, I walked our US PR's dog with her, in Central Park! I saw dogs that had leopard print spots on them, tiger stripes etc - I guess it was airbrushed or something but had never seen it before! :? I completely understand Dawnie's and Layla's feelings of horror but no matter what, people will continue to do things like this. The only thing you can both be thankful for, is that no hurt is caused from painting paws - OPI will probably make a mint on this!!! :tongue:
Yes, if the animal is not beeing hurt....I don't see a big problem....
there are bigger problems ...what about animal testing????? THAT is sick!!!!!!!!!!!
I really try to buy only cosmetics that I know that are not tested on animals...I'm glad to see in Nailpro mag (May p.28 ) that EU is banning the animal testing (or is trying to)
My big baby female Rottweiler has her nails painted silver :D

I think it's cute... she's a member of the family, along with my other 2 fur baby cats.. they're boys though so they can't have their claws painted :) If it was something she could lick off and digest then it wouldn't go near her - but it's not hurting her... she doesn't whimper or pull away when I do it, hey we're bonding!!!!

Actually, a month or two ago there was a similar discussion on the Beautytech board and several techs posted pics of their pets with polished claws...

Each to his own... who is to say men shouldn't wear polish - it is accepted by most people yet some still think it's not right.
Well, I'm obviously the minority here but I think it's fun. Cheesy, yes but it doesn't cause an harm to the animal (except maybe it's pride :? )

Now you'd be very hard pressed to find a bigger animal nut then me and I am a VERY big advocate of animal rights, anti-cruelty and such but I truthfully don't see anything wrong with the polish for pups. I'm not one of those people who dresses their animals up or anything but I have polished my female Australian Shepards nails a time or two 8) and she sure didn't seem to mind. At lease she didn't tell me she did :mrgreen:

So, this was just my opinion. I think people have pets and see them as extension of the family and of their personality. And sometimes adding a little flair is just throwing in an extra dab of uniqueness.
I feel a mixture of disgust and guilt at this one :oops: I think OPI have 'cheapened' themselves by doing this. It maybe trendy in the US but, somehow this sort of thing just doesnt work here. ......However ,I am the mother of a girl who used to sit for hours painting our Weimeraner's toes and put ribbons on her ears and beads round her neck - and she just loved it :shock: She would strut around :flower: for ages. Mind you she probably would have been embarrassed had she known she was wearing Collection 2000 on her toes!!!
OMG now that is just sooo tasteless a big hand for OPI how pawthetic !!!!



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Mar 15, 2003
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Never in a million years would I have imagined this....lol....quite frankly though it is a very good marketing gimmic, although I would be curious to see the pricing, I just do not see people paying the same price they pay for people polish

OMG I can't beleive this. :rolleyes: ..LOL Of course I have an adorable little Japanese Chin who would look smashin in the "Fire Hydrant Red" !
That is pathetic! Its bad enough that animals are dressed up in clothes etc etc, but having their NAILS PAINTED?!! That's just cruel! Next thing, we'll see dog and cats only nail salons. Animals arent supposed to be dressed up and made to look like drag queens!

I can not beleive OPI !!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is the world coming to a dog is ment to be a household pet or in my case my ears....how any one put nail varnish on dogs is beyond me.
I am so angry smoke is coming out of my ears.
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