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i still like rouge noir .but i think nothing but nails and beauty would probably be better as people all ready know you as nothing but nails.

my mobile name is claws at the door hee hee
i have a mixed response to my name some say it sounds like a horror film :gun: .but i dont care i love it :D .


Hi there, I am thinking of getting my first Nail Salon. I have a few names and wondered if you would all vote on the names.

l). Nothing But Nails
2). Rouge Noir
3). Funky Fingers
4). Wicked Image
5). Designer Digits
6). Designer Nail Spa.
rouge noir :thumbsup: .quite like nothing but nails as well
Hi Sam,
I like rouge noir. lol .
Or Designer Nail Spa as it will be by the seaside. lol
What ever the name, you will do brill girl.
love Ruth xxxxx
What type of salon will you have?

What type of image are you trying to project?

Nothing But Nails - are you ever going to add beauty services? I have called my business Nails on the Nile (Egyptian theme) but I will be studying beauty in June, so I plan to change the name to Beauty on the Nile.

Rouge Noir - I like it, very classy

Funky Fingers - trendy, younger image

Wicked Image - same as above. I can't see the mature, working professional choosing this salon on the name

Designer Digits - nice... would attract the above clientele

Designer Nail Spa - my fav... upmarket, relaxing, just make sure you offer spa services.

1). Nothing But Nails ~ I love this one but echoe Michelle about the beauty stuff.

2). Rouge Noir ~ Classy but doesnt rouge noir mean black red? The name may be misleading as it doesnt mention nails...but I think its a really sophis name :)

3). Funky Fingers ~ Sounds like something Id visit! For teens and the younger people, but the use of alliteration within the name would make it more catchy and easily remembered (ah those english lessons are kicking in!)

4). Wicked Image ~ again, teens and younger people, and it doesnt mention nails win it, so that name may be a bit misleading? Puzzling? lol

5). Designer Digits ~ This is again, for younger people, and again with the alliteration. Well yah want people to remember the name!!

6). Designer Nail Spa. ~ Classy and appeals to a larger area of people. It sounds more professional aswell. I'd go for this one :D

I don't want to rain on your parade :( , but remember that Designer Nails is already a registered company in the UK and just adding Spa to the end can be construed under law as 'passing off'.

Sorry, but I know about this because I myself registered Designer Nails over 15 years ago and have had to 'go after' a few people who have tried to use it - and I have always won.

How about 'Totally Polished' I have always wanted to name a salon 'Totally Polished' because it says it all - sounds classy too. :D
Totally Polished...THAS TOTALLY COOL!! Love it ;-)


i agree i think Totally Polished is the one to go for sounds so classy but would still appeal to the younger market

:D :D
TOTALLY POLISHED gets my vote! :D
Hey - who are we!? You go with your own choice. You know which name you've had there in the back of your mind since you started nails, you also know the area you live and work in - you know the clientelle you're after - you know the competition ... do their names 'work' for them?

Here's to you success - if you're a good tech - as I'm 100% sure you are, you'll win the day whatever your salon sign says - just so long as your nails say "What a winner"!!!

Hi, It can be quite difficult coming up with a name cant it! I'm in a similar position myself as I'm thinking of getting some flyers done and just when I think I've got 'the one' suddenly I change my mind :rolleyes: I think of all the names in your list, Rouge Noir sounds really good. I also like the one suggested by Geeg, as soon as I read it I changed it in my head to Polished Perfect .....hmmm! I've also thought of using The Nail Haven. Anyhow Let us know what you decide to go with.Good Luck :)
Oops, didn't realise that by adding Spa onto Designer Nail would cause problems. I love Totally Polished. I am called Nothing But Nails at the moment, which I love, but I am hoping to do waxing and other treatments so feel it wouldnt be appropriate, suppose I could always call it Nothing But Nails & Beauty, I also like Pampered and Polished what do you all think.

My favourites at the moment r:-

Pampered & Polished
Totally Polished
Nothing But Nails & Beauty
Rouge Noir Nail & Beauty Lounge
Totally Polished :thumbsup: has my vote
I myself like Totally Polished. My salon is actually call Polished Perfections. I give credit to my huband for coming up with it. I have yet to "live up" to my name. lol
If you want to do more treatments than nails then I think you cant really have a name that just suggests nails. I think your Polished and Pampered sounds nice, or something like Indulgence or Beautilicious. - thats the name of a Greyhound where I work but I love it! I think its quite hard to come up with something thats both quirky and sophisticated - I havent yet. :(
Nothing but nails gets my vote.

Why? It says what you do.
People will know its a nail salon just from the name.

Im not into Designer Nail Spa for 2 reasons.
1. Youll have problems with Designer Nails UK ltd
2. You may do Spa services... but most likely you wont have a full spa service menu, nor will that be the main stay income.

Good Luck!
hi, with regard to the salon name, i am now called The hand Sanctuary as i felt it conjoured up a little more elegant image than my previous name funkifingers (originally funky fingers - but found someone else with that name when i got a website, although i contacted them and they were cool about us having the same name)
so i have a web site funky-fingers.co.uk and funkifingers.co.uk.
i'm going to keep funkifingers for nail art as it sounds like nail art dont you agree. i like totally polished but nothing but nails and beauty has a ring to it!! anyway best of luck.
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