Person I rent my room from is buying pro products from eBay!


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Mar 16, 2006
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Didcot, Oxfordshire
Hi geeks, I'm having problems with the person I am renting my room from and I noticed today that she has got some professional dermalogica treatment oil on her side which I haven't supplied to her so she has obviously seen it in my room and bought it off eBay. I'm really annoyed as one it means she's been in my room touching my products and two I could potentially be in trouble with dermalogica if they found out as it's being delivered to the same address! What should I do? It's really stressing me out!
its nothing to do with you.
ask for a lock for your door.
Have you spoke to her about this ? How do you know she bought it off ebay ?

Im assuming she is also in the industry ? So could she not have bought it off another therapist she knows ?
She's a reflexologist and I know she bought some minx from eBay as she told me. It's more the fact she keeps going in my room that's annoying me. I haven't had a chance to speak to her today but will do. I suppose I don't have any rights as it's her premises.
I would just casually ask her what she thinks of the product then get onto the subject of where she bought it from.

Just because its her premises it doesn't give her the right to go in your room.
You need to talk to her, although you rent the room from her that gives her NO RIGHT going in your room and things it is not fair on yourself ! Explain where she got the products from and why ebay? Also get a lock on that door pronto !!! x

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