Photoshoot!!! Wizard of Oz!

hey geeks!

some of you may know, i had a photoshoot to do for hair today, and i chose to do the wizard of oz...

i did the nails, makeup, face painting, hair and got costumes etc...

i dont have the proper photographers pictures yet, and wont for a few weeks, they are better, with real poses and a backdrop!

anyway, i thought id show you the pics i took on my phone, of the whole look, and il post the real pics when i get them! :)

Photo Album



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They look great! x

thanks, judy!



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Fab work Alan, you done great :hug:





Lelli Loo Loo
Wow well done you did a fab job there :)

thanks, lellipop!

i was haveing a panic last night doing her nails, but all went well today :D



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they look wicked, michelles lip shape is amazing!


i loved her lips, thyey are naturally a great shape, when they were originally done (few hours before thosepics were taken) they were covered in red glitter....haha!


Lovely work :)

thankyou adele! :)



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Fabby work! I love the ruby slippers!!

Fab work, i bet you had tonns of fun doing that! Cant wait to see the other pictures.


the slippers were a nightmare to find! i guess theres not much call for red glittety shoes here, haha!

and i really had greea fun doing it, im desperate to see the real pictures the photographer took :)


chantell simone

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You have done a great job

I love those lashes!


the lashes were from a pnk/goth shop....i think it was called hellfire..