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Apr 18, 2012
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i have been using a great l+p system for a long while now and recently they have changed their couriers and customer service is absolutely appauling now i have been looking around for a new system as im fed up waiting for stock and it coming 8 days later but they are so many to choose from anyone any views in systems they use i have ordered some sample packs to try but im getting stressed sorry for ranting please help me :sad:
If you have a search there's loads of threads on this, it's mostly personal preference, there's low end, middle of the road and top notch product lines, get some samples and try them out, see what you're comfortable with.

Personally I use NSI and have done forever, but I'm hoping to convert to CND at some point (this year I hope!)

Definitely get some training from the brand you choose though, it'll help you get the best out of it

Kate x
I have been using CND for 6 years - no complaints yet. Products are easy to work with, great results - worth every penny, excellent customer service and delivery within 48 hours. You can do a conversion course with CND think it's about £100 you can't open an account with them to buy products without a CND certificate of some sort which is another thing I really like, it's a little bit of exclusivity that a lot of companies don't have. The training ambassadors are amazing too I still contact my trainer every now and again for some advice (the same lady that taught me 6 years ago) very, very helpful I couldn't ask for anything more CND cover every aspect you can think of.

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