Poor JoJo


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Carole Lindsay

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May 3, 2004
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Just wanted to ask you to be thinking positive thoughts for JoJo. Unfortunately, she's back in hospital. She has an infection behind her wound and is rather poorly and being pumped with mega antibiotics. Here's to lots of good vibes going her way and a speedy recovery and back to the comfort of her own home.
wish her well and i hope she's back on the mend soon
Wish her well Carole with loads of big hugs xxx
Hi Carole,
Wish JoJo well from me, and let her know we're all thinking of her.

Thinking of her - what a blow. Cathy
Wish Jo Jo a speedy recovery from me too.
Shes such a fighter, so sorry to hear of this set-back .
{{{{ gentle hugs for Jo jo}}}}}
Get well soon JO JO, lots of huggs and positive thoughts from London xxxxxxxxxx
get well soon jo jo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sending all my love and good wishes to jo-jo
get well soon jo jo we are all thinking about you , lots of love dee
Carol send my love to jo jo
Hope she gets well soon xx
Carole, I'm sending her lots of positive thoughts - what a blow for her. Here's wishing her a speedy recovery.
JoJo we all in Thailand hope you are better very soon i am very sorry to read you are in hospital now .

Mui from Thailand
That is such a shame! thinking of you Jo Jo and you're doing so well being positive the way you are..... no doubt you feel blummin awful right now..... but wishing you a speedy recovery!
Sorry 2 herar JoJo is poorly again n back in hospital hope she gets well soon we r all thinkin of her
Sending out lots of healing vibes for Jojo, wish her well from me too Caz, i bet she can't wait to be back home.
wishing you a speedy recovery jo jo....hope your up and about again soon

Sending all my thoughts and prayers, I hope you feel alot better soon jojo.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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