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Aug 15, 2003
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North Yorkshire
okies ladies (and men) one needs the advice of my fellow technicians yet again. I normally print out my price lists my self these being A4 in size folded to make a tri fold brochure. in total 4 panels are coloured pink containing pictures and text. Now as i am sure u will appreciate it is a pain in the bottom waiting for them to print and i really dont have the tme to be messing about any more so i was wondering if anyone had a rough idea how much it would cost for a printer to do it for me!!!! Thats a printing firm!!! lol . Got a couple of apts to see some printing firms but thats not til next week so i am getting impatient already !! sorry!!
...hubby MADE me go to printers as i too did the a4 tri fold thingy and was spending 30 quid on printer cartridges All the time...... it cost me 168.00 for 1000 (got artwork free in exchange for a set of nails for co director) was cheaper options ie 500 for ££££ but the more i got the better. really really pleased as i wanted then small (ie back pocket handbag, sticking on fridge door sort of size) and from card so have a scoot through yellow pages and organise some appointments to see acoupkle of them....if you want i'll send you mine so if you like size ,colour (matches my home salon colours) layout then take it along. pm me your address......
Probably no help what so ever but l have my price list on the back of my cards - ladies always put them into their purses and it is surprizing how many people see them. It will be a different story when l have my nail salon. one day :)
My Uncle printed mine for me. He works for a printing firm, and they are fantastic! They are very Professional, and I really would recommend him.

He didn't charge me, it was a present but if you want more info then PM me.
as Trese. My price list is on the back of my card as ladies tend to keep your card in their purse so if their thinking on having a different treatment they've got the price.

I got my cards printed from Vistaprint ( and they cost me £35 for 250 cards (including p+p).
hiya :D

just a quick tip here that i thought may tie in with this post. I have a photo quality printer so i can print my literature out just as good as any printer firm. i also go to computer fairs and buy the ink for my cartridges as mine cost £35.99 each in the shops!! you just buy bottles of ink about £25 in total for the 3 colours of ink and a black one and they last for over 10 refills! definitely worth buying saves a fortune in ink and really easy to refill the cartridges. i think they are available in asda as well a bit more expensive but still a lot more cheaper than buying the cartridges.

hope this may help anyone

Just a quickie - Mine cost about £200.00 for 2000 they very good lots of trips to printers to get art work ok and they pulled out all the stops so i had them on the day i opened in march - BUT coz everything was so hectic i did not proof read them properly and now i noticed seven mistakes - i wont do that again - also get someone else to read them too - you may understand l&p etc but does Mrs smith?
I do understand Purple Legend!!!!!

Mrs Kelly Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I understand too!!! ;)

Mrs Sarah Smith!!
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