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Mar 25, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, California
Hi all,

I had a fantastic day at Excel yesterday. My arms are still shaking from carrying all that shopping!

My question is - does anyone know who the blond lady was doing the demo in the afternoon? Her smile lines were FANTASTIC!!! AND she made it look so simple!!!

I'd travel ANYWHERE for a 1:1 with her!!!

Also, was it Tracey Leja (hope I've spelt her name right) next to her? I'm sure I saw her applying ScrubFresh to her Girlfriend buffer before buffing. Her nails were stunning!!! Should I be applying the ScrubFresh to the buffer like this? I've been applying it to the overlay!

the other lady doing demo's was amanda sorry can't remember her last name at the mo
I don`t remember her surname either, she was a lovely lady and really informative like Tracy, they all know they`re stuff don`t they?
As for the scrubfresh on the girlfriend buffer, it needs to be clean and we`ve been told in foundation class to use coolblue to clean it with but a lot of people seem to use scrubfresh. Apparently it will breakdown the buffer quicker although it does the trick in giving a great shine on the nails, which is what we all aim for isn`t it
Right girls,
The trick for a super dooper competition shine is just thats,
wipe some scrubfresh on the finishing side of the girlfriend and buff.......
It will give you closer contact with the nail and it will shinelike there is no tomorrow........
That what I did and it got me top score.............

love Ruth xxxx
hiya :D
amanda reevell is the lady in question, she is a member of team creative.
she is lovely & we've done a few jobs 2gether for creative.
we will be working behind the scenes at london fashion week in a couple of weeks- can't wait :fire:
lol liza xx
amanda is lovely, she taught me on a fabric conversion, and is a great girl...very switched on and knows her stuff tremendously...go amanda...vic
Ooo thank you all!

So my next question is - where does Amanda teach? Is she based in Leeds?

And thank you for the tip about the buffer. I'm going to go home and give it a try.

Thanks again for all your replies.

AMANDA IS FROM THEWIRRAL- SORRY IAMTYPINGINCAPS BUT AM AT HOTEL AND CAN'T GET LOWERCASE??? oh look andididn't done nething umcall academy sales and theywill tell you if sheisfree!!! BTW OHNO HEREWEGOAGAIN ASSHE is part of team creative she will probably be around 50 pounds per hour for 121 sorryabout this dreadful post but this lap top thing suxx x :oops: :oops: :oops:
Thanks Mrs Geek! :D

I'll give the academy a call in a couple of weeks.

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